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Baby Betty
Status:  Adoptable
Category: Bird, Breed: Parrots
Sacramento, CA 95823
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Color: Blue
Profile views: 2131

Favorite Food: Treats

Favorite Spot: Playing and singing

Favorite Activity: Most Attention

Pet Bio: I am about 15 years old, I am a sweetheart according to my foster dad. When she whispers to me I whisper back. I have refined lady like ways and tend to like the quiet life. I sometimes get scared of the vacuum and not too sure about young kids. I love to be held, hugged and kissed by ADULTS ONLY. I show a bit of skin but I'm still a beautiful girl of gentle nature. UPDATE: Ive come along quite nicely and I'm starting to blossom. I love to play in the laundry and play hide and go seek! I love it when my foster mom pats my cheeks and tells me what a good girl I am. If you are the one for me who can provide me with a loving home please contact my coordinator!

More Pet Info: Baby Betty is a nice Macaw who is currently in foster care. She is in need of a permanent home with an adult only household. Baby Betty is a female Blue and Gold Macaw, species known for their intelligence and ability to talk. If you cannot adopt Betty then perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring this beautiful Macaw.

Special Skills: Well Socialized, available for adoption
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