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Bandit Trouble Zorro
Status:  Adoptable
Category: Cat
Austin, TX 78759
16 years old
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Color: Bi-color
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More Pet Info: Special, loving, furry mature cats for special family. 3 very sweet, loving cats need a good home and will be a wonderful addition to the right family. Deserving of a home with someone who can give them love, affection and the time they deserve. They were our “only children” for many years but need a new home due to family and time constraints. These boys are eight years old (birthday August 11, 2003) and are the sweetest around. Having been raised together in our home, these litter mates are mostly accustomed to adults and older children. Relaxed and easy going yet still quite active, they love to play and enjoy chasing laser pointer dots as well as balls and strings and each other. They have been good companions to each other and our family throughout the years. Each has a unique personality.

Trouble: short haired, white and black w/ pink nose. Loves to rub toes, be brushed and is very adoring. LOVES ATTENTION!!!!

Zorro: short haired, all black w/ small patch/sprinkle of white fur on chest. A little shy, but very loving and affectionate. He is a healthy eater and loves to be brushed. Zorro loves being a lap cat and is a long and lean. He is like a big baby with fur.

Bandit: longer haired, with white and black coloring. He is fluffy and sweet. A bit shy but warms up quickly. Bandit loves to be groomed.

They come w/ pet carriers, brushes, and litter boxes. Prefer to go together but willing to seperate if needed.
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