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Status:  Adoptable
Category: Bird, Breed: Parrots
Sacramento, CA 94208
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Color: Red
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Favorite Food: Yummy treats!

Favorite Spot: On my perch stand or with my foster dad

Favorite Activity: A noble secret

Pet Bio: King is a noble Scarlet Macaw who has seen some tough times. He was confiscated by a humane society due to neglectful conditions in his former home. Now thanks to Mickaboo and his foster Dad he is safe, clean and eating well. It's been a long road but he's making progress with behavior modification and positive reinforcement. It would be recommended that King go to a home that can continue behavior modification training in an adult only home.

More Pet Info: King's foster dad has made huge strides in the past months, his training program has done wonders. King will now willingly step up, takes treats, has learned several tricks and will even allow scritches however King is for an advanced Macaw knowledgeable person. He still has plucking issues with his chest and legs but he is looking so much better! He has a ways to go but he is much healthier and happier to have been saved from the horrible condition he was once found.

Special Skills: Fast learner, aims to please
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