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Little Bit
Status:  Adoptable
Category: Cat, Breed: Domestic Long Hair
West Chester, OH 45069
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Color: Silver Tabby
Profile views: 970

Favorite Food: Fancy Feast cans, pate.

Favorite Spot: Foot of the bed

Favorite Activity: Playing with feathery and jingly things.

Pet Bio: This is a tiny old lady that would prefer you not mention her age (we think she may be immortal, Highlander-style).
Little Bit is an elegant tuxedo tabby longhair that regards the world in the manner of an aged Hollywood Star. She would prefer to be adopted by someone who will tolerate her snarky-ness. She comes with the biggest and best litterbox, the color-coded dishes (food in pink, water in blue), the only tunnel toy, and the only cat bed that is actually used as a bed. She also has gaudy taste in carriers and has the expensive mesh/purse-like one, because OF COURSE SHE DOES. She is a homebody and doesn't do well outside.

More Pet Info: Indoor Cats. All are familiar with young children and come with their own litter boxes, dishes, toys, carriers, and some food. All of them are spayed/neutered. None of them play outside and prefer to remain in the house. They are familiar with each other and can be adopted either individually or as a group. They need new homes because the toddler in the house has allergies and the doctor has recommended his fuzzy friends find another family.

Special Skills: Hunting hair ties and bits of string.
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