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Status:  Adoptable
Category: Bird, Breed: Parrots
Sacramento, CA 94208
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Color: Red
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Favorite Food: Just about everything!

Favorite Spot: With you!!

Favorite Activity: Playing and talking

Pet Bio: Lucie is an 8 year young Greenwing Macaw. I came to Mickaboo after my parents could no longer provide me the attention that I needed to stay healthy. She is a little on the naked side, started picking her feathers out about four years ago. Her new Veterinarian said that she is in perfect health, she just needs someone who has time to spend and will be able to provide lots of toys to shred and play.

More Pet Info: She likes to play "peek a boo" knock knock and fetch! She has a big vocabulary and says peekaboo, hello, good morning, "shhh your wake the neighbors" and likes to make up songs. She is a playful and fun Macaw

Special Skills: Talks, sings and plays
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