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Status:  Adoptable
Category: Dog, Breed: Mixed Breed
Rolling Fork, MS 39159
9 years old
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Weight: 60 pounds
Color: Tri-color
Profile views: 4514

Favorite Food: dog food

Favorite Spot: outside

Favorite Activity: squirming in the grass on his back

Pet Bio: I live in Central Mississippi and have Patches in my care. He has blue eyes. He has a short, smooth coat. He was named Patches because of the black and tan patches on his coat. He weighs 60-70 pounds and is around 1 year old. He is up-to-date on shots/wormings and takes Iverhart Max heartworm preventative. He is very sweet and like a big Teddy Bear. He was left by his owner to fend for himself in the late spring of this year when a flood threat happened in our area. When he was found he was in terrible shape, but has recovered nicely If anyone is interested near my area (Vicksburg, Greenville, Jackson, MS or nearby area), I am willing to transport him to his new home or make arrangements to meet someone halfway to pick him up. I will need to speak by phone to anyone interested in adopting Rambo and ask many questions to insure that he receives a good home. A small adoption fee will be requested to insure that somebody is willing to spend money on him and provide a good, loving home. He is a special dog and needs a forever home. Someone please give him a good home. If you do NOT live in Mississippi or one of our bordering states near my area, do not respond to this ad. I will not ship Patches anywhere. I must meet whoever is to adopt him. I will not respond to any email that appears to be a scam email or is too far from my area.

Special Skills: strong sense of smell
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