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Status:  Adoptable
Category: Dog, Breed: Mixed Breed
Rolling Fork, MS 39159
6 years old
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Weight: 40 pounds
Color: Red
Profile views: 5052

Favorite Food: dog food

Favorite Spot: grass

Favorite Activity: rolling in grass

Pet Bio: I live in Central Mississippi and have Rambo in my care. He has a short, smooth, fawn colored coat. He weighs 35-40 pounds and is around 5 months old. He is up-to-date on shots/wormings and takes Iverhart Max heartworm preventative. He is very playful and very sweet. He was left on the side of the road as a small puppy near my home. If anyone is interested near my area (Vicksburg, Greenville, Jackson, MS or nearby area), I am willing to transport him to his new home or make arrangements to meet someone halfway to pick him up. I will need to speak by phone to anyone interested in adopting Rambo and ask many questions to insure that he receives a good home. A small adoption fee will be requested to insure that somebody is willing to spend money on him and provide a good, loving home. He is a special puppy and needs a forever home. Someone please give him a good home. If you do NOT live in Mississippi or one of our bordering states near my area, do not respond to this ad. I will not ship Rambo anywhere. I must meet whoever is to adopt him. I will not respond to any email that appears to be a scam email or is too far from my area.

Special Skills: tug-a-war
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