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Status:  Adoptable
Category: Bird, Breed: Parrots
Elk Grove, CA 95758
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Color: Blue
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Favorite Food: Treats

Favorite Spot: Outdoors

Favorite Activity: Being around people

Pet Bio: A very handsome male Blue and Gold Macaw. Owners were no longer interested or had time to care for him any longer so they dropped him off at the shelter where he won the hearts of everyone before he came to Mickaboo. He is a very happy, socialized and playful Macaw, talks and has a big appetite! Selective in male and/or females in his life. Not known to be aggressive or bite.

More Pet Info: 25-27 years old, has been kept outdoors until recently where he is not familiar. Research revealed that Rocky had been kept indoors therefor screaming became an issue. Rocky would do well in an approved aviary type setting. Foster parents fell in love with Rocky and wanted to adopt until we learned he prefers the outdoors.

Special Skills: Talking, eating and playing
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