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Status:  Adoptable
Category: Cat, Breed: Domestic Shorthair
West Chester, OH 45069
14 years old
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Color: Gray
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Favorite Food: Iams

Favorite Spot: In front of the sliding glass door

Favorite Activity: Lazily watching people.

Pet Bio: Please don't ask me how that name happened because I have no idea. Spork is a grey/orange (not much orange) domestic shorthair cat. She is ten years old, but the only indication of her age is that she has gotten bigger, no personality changes have occurred. She is fat, lazy, waddles when she walks, doesn't like to jump, loves to be cuddled, and purrs generously. She tends to steal popcorn but won't actually eat it because she is pretending to be on a diet, emphasis on 'pretending'.
She loves to be brushed and comes with her favorite brush, because nobody else is allowed to use it. She will literally push it out of my hand if I try to brush another cat with it.

More Pet Info: Indoor Cat. Familiar with young children and come with their own litter boxes, dishes, toys, carriers, and some food. All of them are spayed/neutered. None of them play outside and prefer to remain in the house. They are familiar with each other and can be adopted either individually or as a group. Need new homes because the toddler in the house has allergies and the doctor has recommended his fuzzy friends find another family.

Special Skills: Tolerant of young children.
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