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Cute from luv4pets
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San Mateo, CA 94401
12 years old
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Pet Bio: Hi I'm Violet. I'm a one year old Weimaraner/Pit Bull/Doberman girl (spayed of course). Many of you are wondering why a being as gorgeous as I am has not been adopted yet. It’s not for lack of interest – that’s for sure - I’m cute, I’m cuddly, and I’m really, really good – in the home and yard that is. When I venture outside however, I become – well, a little more high maintenance – but aren’t we all?

In truth, I have very special needs when it comes to my forever home. First – I need a very strong guardian(s) – I’m actually stronger than I look and when fearful or anxious, I can amaze you with my ability to transform myself. I can walk out the door, calm and curious, easy to handle on the leash – but when I encounter something I’m not sure about, and that’s pretty much everything – especially other dogs on leashes (don’t ask me to explain it – I actually like dogs – once I get to know them) - I’m, well, I can act a little crazy. So a guardian who is strong, reassuring, compassionate and willing to work with me is ideal. A large fenced yard is also critical as that’s how I get most of my exercise.

Like I said, I’m a breeze at home and in the yard – I listen well, come when called, make fewer and fewer ahem, faux paws, with the canine and feline companions who have mentored me; am mellow when you leave and happy when you come home – but when I go out I’m a little dramatic. Because of my special needs I require a home without small children (children must be in their teens) and also without cats and other dogs.

In closing, I am confident I’ll find the right home, and luckily so is PHS, and my foster home, and we’re pretty sure YOU, the dog guardian described above, are out there somewhere. Serendipity is all we need at this point. Until then, I’ll keep honing my skills and growing more gorgeous every day!

More Pet Info: If you would like to meet me please contact Anika at and she can arrange for my Foster Mom to bring me down for a visit with you.
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