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2009-09-14 - 4:17 PM
In the dog world, it's important to practice new behaviors without distractions and slowly introduce new noises, smells and sights. That all makes perfect senses in th... Read more
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2010-02-09 - 9:53 PM
Tricks are a fun way to revive your training program and enhance your relationship with your dog.   When introducing a new trick, it is amazing how we h... Read more
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2010-02-09 - 10:08 PM
We’re not sure when dog crates became so popular.  Our families didn’t use crates with any of our childhood pets.  Now they seem to be rou... Read more
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2010-03-08 - 1:13 PM
Teaching a dog the appropriate place to do his or her business is a skill that will pay off for the rest of your life together.  Here are a few rules to live by an... Read more
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2009-12-28 - 5:45 PM
If you have ever been surprised by a sudden display of aggression, the following can help you safely diffuse the situation and prevent it from happening in the future. ... Read more
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2010-02-09 - 11:51 PM
Most dogs bark, often for very good reasons. But few things will alienate you from your neighbors more quickly than letting your dog bark excessively. Nuisance barking is... Read more
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2010-03-08 - 1:33 PM
Some dogs need more stimulation than the weather or our bodies are able to provide. We often think our dogs require long games of fetch to satisfy their need for fun. ... Read more
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2009-07-01 - 12:52 PM
Dog ownership is a rewarding experience, but when your dog is still a puppy, it can seem like the accidents will never end. Putting your dog in diapers may even seem ... Read more
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2009-12-09 - 11:28 PM
Steps to teach a dog to bow:   1. Make sure that your dog knows how to come, sit and lie down on command. The dog should also know what its name is and be resp... Read more
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2009-09-30 - 7:02 PM
Have you been thinking about giving your dog more independence while you are at work?  It is critical to make this leap with slow and deliberate steps to prevent i... Read more
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2009-10-20 - 4:10 PM
As a reward-based training advocates, we see remarkable transformations in canine behavior by tapping into each dog's top motivator(s). We find it is much easier... Read more
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2009-12-18 - 1:22 PM
The Kong product range is an industry standard due to its durability and versatility as a chew toy. A Kong is a great to help keep an excited dog calm, a calm dog bus... Read more
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2009-08-14 - 5:52 PM
Children get bitten, scratched and knocked down playing with dogs, especially puppies. This “Find It Game” allows kids to play with dogs while teaching them so... Read more
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