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2009-06-11 - 1:29 PM
'Odor' emanating from a pet's body can come from anywhere. Common causes I see in practice include the mouth (dental disease, lung disease, or GI disease,) r... Read more
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2009-11-16 - 6:17 PM
Life is full of choices, some easy, some not so. Some choices mean little - they are merely a matter of personal preference with little or no long-term consequences. ... Read more
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2009-08-25 - 6:09 PM
Detecting potential health problems before they become serious can save your pet unnecessary suffering and save you great worry and expense. Once a month, see whet... Read more
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2009-04-24 - 11:28 AM
It is possible to treat an animal's health problems symptomatically with diet change, vitamins and minerals and even supportive homeopathy remedies. However it is ... Read more
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2009-08-14 - 4:45 PM
Why should I worry about driving with my pet, anyway? In a crash, sudden stop, or evasive maneuver, an unrestrained dog or cat essentially becomes a missile ins... Read more
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2009-04-01 - 11:58 AM
We always tell people that if you keep the teeth and gums healthy, the intestinal tract healthy and the spine healthy, your pet will most likely BE healthy AND thrivi... Read more
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2009-05-05 - 7:28 PM
What are supplements? Supplements are products that are added to foods for either a nutritional or a therapeutic benefit. There is a great deal of confusion that... Read more
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2009-06-07 - 8:54 AM
Alzheimer's disease is a devastating progressive neurological disorder of older men and women. A comparative disease occurs in dogs and cats and is called canine a... Read more
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2010-02-09 - 11:21 PM
If your pet is aging, seriously injured or chronically or terminally ill, you may find yourself experiencing all the emotions of grief ... Read more
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2009-06-05 - 9:37 AM
Obesity is a severe and debilitating illness. It is the most common nutritional disease in pets and people; estimates suggest that up to 45% of dogs and up to 13% of ... Read more
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2009-02-18 - 7:34 PM
Plump whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need...   These are the images pet food manu... Read more
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2009-02-25 - 8:53 PM
Most people who suffer from allergies are allergic to a number of foreign proteins (allergens.) These allergens exist in the environment, and often are worse during d... Read more
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2009-02-20 - 5:10 PM
Even before that first thunder boom or lightning bolt some dogs scurry into closets or leap into bathtubs or worse. Some claw desperately at the carpet or injure them... Read more
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2009-06-05 - 9:29 AM
Aggression, inappropriate urination, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, feather picking in birds or excessive grooming or lick granulomas in dogs and... Read more
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2009-02-25 - 10:59 PM
Change your thinking about these pet care myths and watch your pet enjoy better health!   ... Read more
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2009-02-18 - 5:44 PM
As an avian and exotic animal practitioner, I have found that one of the biggest contributors to disease in these pets is improper nutrition. Unfortunately, it can so... Read more
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2009-06-11 - 1:36 PM
Got Pets?  Tired of Paying Rent? My clever black cat, Taslin, advised me that he was tired of living in a college neighborhood with noisy roommates and no priv... Read more
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2009-05-15 - 3:47 PM
Ear problems are among the most commonly seen conditions in veterinary practices. Unlike the condition in people, where “earaches” involving the middle and inner ... Read more
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2009-06-11 - 2:12 PM
We love our pets and do our best to give them a long and healthy life. We plan for the future and dream they will be with us forever….. A diagnosis of cancer can sq... Read more
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2009-01-26 - 12:50 PM
Owning pets is expensive and in the current economy. Here are a few suggestions of how you can reduce the amount you spend on your pets this year without depriving th... Read more
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