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2009-05-21 - 11:51 AM
Some household cleaning products are loaded with chemicals, and can be harmful to your pet after prolonged exposure. Today, rates of canine cancer are increasing, fol... Read more
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2009-07-01 - 12:39 PM
The liver is the main filtering system for the body since all blood supply travels through it to be detoxified. The liver performs many critical functions including: ... Read more
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2009-06-07 - 9:03 AM
As many dog guardians well remember, mid-March marks the two-year anniversary of the widespread pet food recall throughout North and South America. Most dog parents a... Read more
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2009-08-25 - 6:09 PM
Detecting potential health problems before they become serious can save your pet unnecessary suffering and save you great worry and expense. Once a month, see whet... Read more
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2009-02-11 - 6:56 PM
When Americans hit the roads this spring, headed for vacation destinations around the country, many of those travelers will be accompanied by their beloved pets. ... Read more
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2009-06-11 - 2:12 PM
We love our pets and do our best to give them a long and healthy life. We plan for the future and dream they will be with us forever….. A diagnosis of cancer can sq... Read more
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2009-06-05 - 9:29 AM
Aggression, inappropriate urination, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, feather picking in birds or excessive grooming or lick granulomas in dogs and... Read more
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2009-02-20 - 5:10 PM
Even before that first thunder boom or lightning bolt some dogs scurry into closets or leap into bathtubs or worse. Some claw desperately at the carpet or injure them... Read more
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2009-05-15 - 5:28 PM
Lyme's disease is one of 3 diseases in pets caused by a rickettsial organism (rickettsia are a type of bacteria.) Your pet cannot get the disease simply by exposur... Read more
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2009-10-21 - 6:53 PM
At one time vaccines were considered the most important treatment to keep our animals healthy; an impermeable shield that would protect them lifelong. Accepting this ... Read more
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2009-09-10 - 7:35 PM
Feeding a newborn orphaned puppy or kitten is a challenge but can be fun and rewarding.  Here are some guidelines to follow when assisting orphaned puppies and kitte... Read more
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2009-06-15 - 5:06 PM
1. Vaccines produce long-lasting immunity. Most vaccines give immunity that lasts 5 years or longer. This means that your pet does not need to be and should not be va... Read more
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2009-10-21 - 10:39 PM
Owing to the success documented in human physical therapy, hydrotherapy has been integrated into veterinary medicine for more than 100 years. The earliest patients we... Read more
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2009-06-05 - 9:37 AM
Obesity is a severe and debilitating illness. It is the most common nutritional disease in pets and people; estimates suggest that up to 45% of dogs and up to 13% of ... Read more
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2009-06-11 - 1:36 PM
Got Pets?  Tired of Paying Rent? My clever black cat, Taslin, advised me that he was tired of living in a college neighborhood with noisy roommates and no priv... Read more
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2009-02-18 - 7:34 PM
Plump whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need...   These are the images pet food manu... Read more
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2009-03-27 - 10:30 AM
As people have scrambled to care for themselves and try to start rebuilding their lives, the animals have been left in the lurch because they are considered in most c... Read more
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2009-05-15 - 3:47 PM
Ear problems are among the most commonly seen conditions in veterinary practices. Unlike the condition in people, where “earaches” involving the middle and inner ... Read more
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2009-02-25 - 8:53 PM
Most people who suffer from allergies are allergic to a number of foreign proteins (allergens.) These allergens exist in the environment, and often are worse during d... Read more
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2009-06-11 - 1:29 PM
'Odor' emanating from a pet's body can come from anywhere. Common causes I see in practice include the mouth (dental disease, lung disease, or GI disease,) r... Read more
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