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2009-06-11 - 1:29 PM
'Odor' emanating from a pet's body can come from anywhere. Common causes I see in practice include the mouth (dental disease, lung disease, or GI disease,) r... Read more
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2009-08-14 - 4:45 PM
Why should I worry about driving with my pet, anyway? In a crash, sudden stop, or evasive maneuver, an unrestrained dog or cat essentially becomes a missile ins... Read more
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2009-07-01 - 12:39 PM
The liver is the main filtering system for the body since all blood supply travels through it to be detoxified. The liver performs many critical functions including: ... Read more
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2009-11-16 - 6:17 PM
Life is full of choices, some easy, some not so. Some choices mean little - they are merely a matter of personal preference with little or no long-term consequences. ... Read more
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2009-05-15 - 5:28 PM
Lyme's disease is one of 3 diseases in pets caused by a rickettsial organism (rickettsia are a type of bacteria.) Your pet cannot get the disease simply by exposur... Read more
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2009-10-21 - 10:39 PM
Owing to the success documented in human physical therapy, hydrotherapy has been integrated into veterinary medicine for more than 100 years. The earliest patients we... Read more
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2009-02-25 - 10:59 PM
Change your thinking about these pet care myths and watch your pet enjoy better health!   ... Read more
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2009-05-21 - 11:51 AM
Some household cleaning products are loaded with chemicals, and can be harmful to your pet after prolonged exposure. Today, rates of canine cancer are increasing, fol... Read more
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2009-06-07 - 9:03 AM
As many dog guardians well remember, mid-March marks the two-year anniversary of the widespread pet food recall throughout North and South America. Most dog parents a... Read more
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2010-02-09 - 10:52 PM
Losing weight is a challenge for both people and their pets.  With obesity levels at an all time high in North America, how can we reverse the trend and start ... Read more
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2009-08-11 - 10:43 PM
1) Feed your pet at regular meal times. It is better to feed 2-3 smaller meals than one big meal. Do not free-feed by leaving food out all the time unless yo... Read more
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2009-06-05 - 2:44 PM
Ticks can be hard to spot, but if spend a significant amount of time outside with your pet, you need to spot check both yourself and your pet. Some ticks carry Lyme D... Read more
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2009-05-15 - 5:42 PM
Most people who suffer from allergies are allergic to a number of foreign proteins (allergens.) These allergens exist in the environment, and often are worse during d... Read more
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2009-11-25 - 5:37 PM
"Your pet ages seven times faster than you do; consequently, the potential for age-related disease also progresses seven times as fast," says Dr. William Tranquilli, ... Read more
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2009-02-20 - 5:10 PM
Even before that first thunder boom or lightning bolt some dogs scurry into closets or leap into bathtubs or worse. Some claw desperately at the carpet or injure them... Read more
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2009-05-05 - 7:28 PM
What are supplements? Supplements are products that are added to foods for either a nutritional or a therapeutic benefit. There is a great deal of confusion that... Read more
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2009-03-27 - 10:30 AM
As people have scrambled to care for themselves and try to start rebuilding their lives, the animals have been left in the lurch because they are considered in most c... Read more
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2009-06-16 - 5:57 PM
Everyone loves their pets. Pets are a great companion to our lives. They are there when we need them and always happy to see us, no matter how their own day has been.... Read more
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2009-11-25 - 5:06 PM
For all of those proud owners of dogs and cats, here is a how-to teach pet owners to be responsible pet parents and cut their pets' nails safely. When cat's nai... Read more
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2008-12-15 - 11:40 PM
Ever tried to get an angry cat in a carrier without a scratch? Or struggled to get your dog to sit down in the car when the windows are open? Like Jack, who uses Dogg... Read more
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