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06/11/2009 09:58:10 AM, by Piper182 1055 views, Category: Petivities
Admin After writing about Whisper, I realized that her name does not fit her at all.  She's loud and can be obnoxious. If I had named her, it would have been Roague, like the X-Men character because Whisper has a streak of white in her black mane where she rubbed it off when her old owners got her head stuck in the fence to trim her feet.  I...Read More
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06/10/2009 14:13:55 PM, by Piper182 1107 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin I've been riding horses for 14 years. I have trained horses for about 10 of them. I got started training young because I was short and durable, but 4 years ago I met a mare that blew my mind. When Whisper came to my barn, she was 11 years old and I was told she was a seasoned show pony. She kicked a hole in the trailer, broke her halter an...Read More
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06/08/2009 08:53:52 AM, by Piper182 1165 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin I was browsing the web and I found a really interesting news article.  Apparently, scientists have found out that day blindness in wire-haired dachshunds is genetic.  The disease was found in two litter mates in 1999 and scientists have been following it since. &nb...Read More
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06/05/2009 10:48:11 AM, by Piper182 1160 views, Category: Pet training and behavior
Admin I almost forgot.  So my friend saves horses from the slaughter auction and last year she picked up a purebred Thoroughbred.  She didn't know that he was until he got home because he was so emaciated and dehydrated.  Turns out he was a 2 year old that had won his first 2 races then disappeared fro 6 months.  No one knows how h...Read More
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06/05/2009 10:42:52 AM, by Piper182 1019 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin I really have gone off the deep end with my fish.  Not only did I buy him a ten gallon tank (remember he's a lone feeder goldfish), but I spent $50 yesterday decorating it.  It has a background, blue rocks (he always has and I don't want to change too much), a bunch more fake plants and lovely holed treasure chest.  The chest is q...Read More
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06/04/2009 06:55:23 AM, by Piper182 1195 views, Category: Pet training and behavior
Mood : Busy Currently : Doing other things

Admin My friend recently adopted a one-year-old dog from a shelter.  She already had two others- one she had bought as a puppy, the other from a shelter a few years ago.  Her new puppy is a big attention hog but I don't think he's doing it on purpose; he lived in a backyard with his brother for the first year of his life but he loves people....Read More
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06/03/2009 09:15:21 AM, by Piper182 1040 views, Category: Petivities
Admin Seriously, am I crazy?   I have a feeder Goldfish named Butch Cassidy.  I have had him for over a year and a half now and, other than our battle with air bladder disease, he's doing great.  In January I bought him a new bowl.  For the year, he had been living in a one gallon bowl, but I read that it was far too small for hi...Read More
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05/23/2009 15:33:54 PM, by Piper182 1016 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Al (really named Allemande but I like Al better) is a 35-40 year old Arabian horse.  He was adopted by his owner about ten years ago and no one really knows his age.  The vet told me he was 30 about 8 years ago (a guess), just after telling me he was going to die soon.  I have mocked the vet for this ever since.   Al is per...Read More
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05/15/2009 16:35:20 PM, by Piper182 8338 views, Category: Pet play and fitness
Admin is my friend's pet beaver. Kyley owns a rescue barn on her parents racehorse farm and she has two dogs, Charlee (basset hound/german shephard mix) and Do (her real name is Dumbo but they did want to give her a complex and she's a basset hound- runt runt runt), 7 cats (mother from the storm, she couldn't give up the babies), and now Louis. ...Read More
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