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09/25/2009 22:53:18 PM, by Seiren 1843 views, Category: Pet play and fitness
Admin I went to the zoo recently, and the lion was rolling around the same way that my cat at home rolls around. It was so cute. Does that mean my cat is like this lion, or is this lion like my cat? Follow Me on Twitter FB.init("d92591f38cc37061589b77c08cee0b29");Seiren's Pets on Facebook -SeirenRead More
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09/25/2009 22:00:56 PM, by Seiren 2630 views, Category: Pet toys and treats
Admin I recently made gift baskets for my family, two of which were geared toward the new pets they were about to receive. My step-dad just got a new puppy, Gracie, and my mom got a new kitten, Oscar. I was trying to be thrifty while still delivering a meaningful gift. The approximate cost of each gift basket was $8 - $10. They were well received b...Read More
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09/18/2009 23:14:42 PM, by Seiren 2896 views, Category: Pet rescue
Admin The day after my parents' new puppy Gracie arrived, my brother Jeremy and I went with our mom to get a kitten to play the role of Gracie's best friend. We ended up going to CCAPs Second Chances thrift store in Magnolia, Arkansas. That's where I got my own Siamese Mix 6 years ago.  There were several cats there, but mom was looking for one ...Read More
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09/17/2009 21:30:18 PM, by Seiren 2415 views, Category: Pet pack life
Admin My step-dad Wayne got a big surprise a few days before his birthday: a dachshund puppy. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we tragically lost Peanut, the dachshund that my brothers and I grew up with.  Wayne had no idea that he was going to get a puppy. My brother John and his fiancée Kaylee had picked out a puppy which was...Read More
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09/16/2009 01:40:15 AM, by Seiren 2287 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin The cat returns! (Not to be confused with the animated feature by that name which I personally loved.) I'm talking about Clyde, the cat that went missing for three years from his home in Tasmania, Australia and was found 3 years later at a location 3800 km away. His discovery was thanks to the microchip he'd had implanted. I read all...Read More
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09/14/2009 21:49:34 PM, by Seiren 2688 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry
Admin Wow, so I'm not the only one with a bed-hogging cat! Check out this cute story , complete with great illustrations. I think most of us cat owners can truly relate. If you like the drawings, check out the artist's website at Follow Me on Twitter FB.init("d92591f38cc37061589b77c08cee0b29");Seiren's Pets on Faceboo...Read More
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09/12/2009 14:43:13 PM, by Seiren 1485 views, Category: Pet rescue
Admin This is going to be an exciting weekend for a pet lover such as myself. My step-dad who recently lost his dachshund in a tragic way (it drowned) got a surprise dachshund puppy for his birthday. Most of the family was there and was in on the surprise. Me, being the financially struggling but creative one in the family, gave him a nice cost-eff...Read More
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09/10/2009 17:39:01 PM, by Seiren 24212 views, Category: Pet rescue
Admin "It is OK to be different and many many people are special in their own way. It is always ok if you do not look just like what you see on the cover of Vogue or Cat Fancy." -Chase's Mom     Her face may be hideous to some, but to her family and her human mom, she is the most beautiful thing in the world. This unlucky, yet ...Read More
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09/09/2009 16:27:05 PM, by Seiren 7413 views, Category: Petivities
Admin So I was reading this article about an indoor dog park that is very popular in the Dallas area. People are traveling for miles to spend time at this facility where they can hang out with their dog, socialize their dog, and enjoy some coffee and wi-fi at the same time. One woman even comes frequently from 2 hours away and stays in a hotel just...Read More
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09/09/2009 15:05:27 PM, by Seiren 1093 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin So this is my first pet blog, and I'm very excited. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm obsessed with my animals (currently my two cats). I also have puppy fever at the moment, but because of apartment restrictions, I'll have to find a temporary cure. I'm really looking forward to being a contributer on this site and sharing my love and what...Read More
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