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10/24/2009 15:05:12 PM, by joaquin.falcon 1544 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry
Admin Need I say more?   Check out the whole feature here! More
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10/21/2009 07:49:08 AM, by joaquin.falcon 3201 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin So the Associated Press released the results of a poll today that asked the question of "If your pet was in a dire emergency, would you perform mouth-to-mouth CPR on it?" The majority of those polled, (but only 58%) said that they would go mouth to snout to save their pet's life.  This surprised me.  I would have thought the number to...Read More
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10/20/2009 08:33:57 AM, by joaquin.falcon 3482 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry
Admin I know that we have had a bit of a preponderance of animal costume blogs this past week with Halloween fever in full swing, but I had to post this great article I found published in the Seattle Times.  It seems that our neighbors in Los Angeles come up with some pretty entertaining pet costumes for the season, and while pugs seem to be "mo...Read More
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10/15/2009 08:02:37 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1602 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin So just when you think that it's tough to keep yourself in shape, you're reminded that you've also got to keep an eye out on how your pet's waistline may be expanding as well. Yesterday was National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, (glad to see that I am totally on top of things here) and although the official day has passed, this is something that a...Read More
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10/13/2009 08:49:45 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1742 views, Category: Pet pack life
Admin I have always enjoyed amateur photography, though for the most part, my photos have come out looking fairly, well, amateur.  My usual subjects aren't the people around me, but rather the cats in some activity or another, or sleeping in some twisted-around position. In the past year, I have pretty much abandoned my usual digital camera for ...Read More
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10/07/2009 13:18:17 PM, by joaquin.falcon 2440 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin Don't know whether anyone's posted about this yet, but take a look at this guy, he's huge! More
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10/07/2009 09:05:33 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1496 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook
Admin As pet owners, I think we all know the benefits that come with having our animals around.  They calm us down, we talk to them, they entertain us, and I don't think that any of us can imagine our lives without them.  Do they benefit our health?  I would say yes.  The dog isn't going to perform surgery on us, but they definetly...Read More
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10/06/2009 08:20:11 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1517 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin This is a terrible little story, but it clearly illustrates (yet again) why people should not be keeping wild animals as pets - it often ends poorly.  To summarize, a woman who had kept a black bear in a cage in her backyard for years was tragically killed by said bear over the weekend.  She hadn't antagonized it, it wasn't sick, it's ...Read More
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10/05/2009 08:42:28 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1787 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance
Admin Having an advertising background, I always have my eye out for new, clever, and well-executed TV spots.  PSA (public service announcement) ads can sometimes be a crapshoot as these are generally not given the same kind of budget that say, a major toothpaste gets to produce a TV commerical.  I've seen several cringe-worthy ads that lose...Read More
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10/02/2009 07:38:22 AM, by joaquin.falcon 4492 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry
Admin So we're all pretty excited about the Olympic announcement here in Chicago this morning, even the cats are riled up, up and about this morning rather than in their usual post-breakfast comas. That said, I'm posting a great comic I saw this morning rather than my usual post; I can't seem to concentrate on anything else at the moment.!Read More
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09/30/2009 15:21:59 PM, by joaquin.falcon 1361 views, Category: Pet rescue
Admin This is a story that will make you appreciate your dog's loyalty more than ever. Ella the Rottweiler was found on the side of the road in central Tennesse by an animal rescue worker who was used to finding abandoned pets in the area.  However, something about this dog didn't fit the usual profile, especially the collection of personal effe...Read More
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09/29/2009 08:10:24 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1199 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on
Admin I have always been an advocate of letting cats go outdoors if the environment allows it, e.g. -  they have a yard to play in, not a lot of traffic around, no aggressive dogs nearby, the basic items to keep them safe.  What I haven't been thinking about is whether we have a responsibility to keep other animals safe from the cats. Cats ...Read More
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09/25/2009 08:00:03 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1394 views, Category: Pet training and behavior
Admin The way I see it, you either have an outdoor cat, or you don't.   If you live in a quiet area with a decent sized yard, maybe you will feel comfortable letting him or her explore the great outdoors.  Cats have a great sense of direction, and will keep the yard as their home base. Cats are, of course, also very curious, and will n...Read More
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09/23/2009 07:18:18 AM, by joaquin.falcon 3301 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance
Admin I had never heard of MRSA before this morning, but then I came across this article which definetly piqued my interest.  MRSA, it appears, is a Staph-like bacteria that can be transmitted between pets and humans rather easily, and according to some researchers, has the possibilty of turning into ...Read More
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09/22/2009 08:09:01 AM, by joaquin.falcon 986 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin I consider myself fairly moderate.  I'm generally willing to listen to both sides of a political arguement, though my leanings definetly skew toward the liberal viewpoint.  Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are way too narrow-minded for my likes, but Micheal Moore can irritate me just as much.  In short, the partisanship of the country h...Read More
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09/17/2009 07:56:17 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1248 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin A recent book was just published, and according to this review, it provides some facinating insight at the inner workings of a dog's physiology, and helps dog owners better understand where their canine companions are coming from. The author, Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, is a psychologist and dog...Read More
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09/15/2009 08:05:56 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1422 views, Category: Pet rescue
Admin City dwellers have to get used to living in small spaces, especially those who live in San Francisco or New York City, the most expensive cities in the country.  One has to pay for all the culture and excitement at their fingertips, and it usually means (unless you've done very well for yourself) that you are living in an apartment the size...Read More
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09/14/2009 07:57:20 AM, by joaquin.falcon 1961 views, Category: Pet play and fitness
Admin Cats have got it tough sometimes.  Generally, they can go outside, or they can't.  If you and your cat happen to live in a big city and you don't have a yard, your cat will spend his or her life looking out the window, wondering what is going on in the world outside the apartment walls. Some cats don't mind this.  Our Maine Coon,...Read More
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09/12/2009 14:27:21 PM, by joaquin.falcon 2749 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry
Admin Nothing more, nothing less.  Maybe I'm easily amused...  Read More
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09/11/2009 08:15:59 AM, by joaquin.falcon 7958 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance
Admin Ever considered getting a GPS locator for your pet?  If you had asked me this question two years ago, I would have scoffed, told you that it was a waste of money, and that a clever company was trying to scare pet owners to in order to sell their technology that they couldn't properly move to human beings. Then my wonder cat Charlie disa...Read More
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