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12/28/2012 17:01:24 PM by K.T.Riffic   Send Message to K.T.Riffic  1765  views, category: Pet holidays: New Year view all blogs


Have you made your New Year’s resolutions for 2013 yet? If you are a dog owner, consider adding the following resolutions to your list this year.

And remember, even if you falter for a day, a week, or even a month, do not give up. It takes time to turn activities into habits.

1. Spend more time training your dog. Old dogs can learn new tricks. The trick is to spend a sufficient enough time working together and training your dog. Schedule some time, about ten minutes a day, to train and work with your dog to teach him commands and tricks. Your bond will be stronger and your dog will be better behaved.

2. Reevaluate dog food choices. Read the label. Make sure the first ingredient is real meat and there are some other real ingredients on the list.

3. Spend more time playing with your dog. Get down on the floor and play with your pet. You might be surprised how much stronger your bond will be by simply playing with your dog for five solid minutes every now and then.

4. Take more responsibility for your dog. It is not usually the dog’s fault if he has an accident in the house. A housebroken dog usually tries to get your attention and hold it as long as possible. However, he can only hold it so long. Make sure to pay attention to these signs to minimize accidents.

5. Learn from your dog. Dogs are always happy to see you, no matter what you said or did before you left the house this morning. Learn to forget and move on, like your dog.

Dogs live by instinct. Learn to trust your gut more.

A dog can communicate without speaking our language. Learn how express yourself better through body language and by your actions rather than relying on words so much.

6. Get organized. This year, take some time to organize all of your pet’s information. Locate all of her medical records, tags, and any other information that is important. Schedule vet appointments, renew your dog’s license, and make sure all immunizations are up to date.

7. Take longer walks. By getting outside and taking longer walks with your dog, you will not only be improving your dog’s health, but your own as well. Not to mention, you may make some new friends, meet new neighbors, and bond with your companion more.

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About the author: Kayleigh has always loved animals and has spent time volunteering at the local dog shelter. The love of her life is her four year old Rottweiler, Lizzie. She enjoys writing for since it combines her love of animals with one of her favor... more >>

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