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We all know dog is man’s best friend, but recent scientific studies show that there is more to this relationship between men and dogs than we have been aware of. In addition to being our best companions and entertaining us, dogs also have a positive impact on our health and general wellbeing, and here is how.

Playing with dogs enhances our mood and fights depression

It is not only a theory anymore, there is real scientific proof that spending time with our dogs, playing with them and stroking them causes positive changes in the release of hormones in our brain. Namely, only a few minutes of stroking a dog will result in your brain releasing more of the so called ‘happy hormones’ – serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin. On the other hand, the release of cortisol, the stress hormone will be reduced. This is huge news for the treatment of depression and mood disorders and there is a vast amount of still untapped potential of therapeutic pet ownership. In the future, depression, stress and chemical imbalances in the brain could be regulated by simply getting a dog!

Owning a dog keeps us physically active

It is a well known fact that most dogs need to be walked at least once a day for about half an hour minimum. Some dogs need even more physical activity than that if we want them to stay healthy and fit. It is strange, but a lot of people are more concerned with their dog’s wellbeing than their own. Luckily, walking dogs in any weather, season and temperature keeps us moving too, and we tend to get out into nature more often. We simply create a healthy habit of going outside, getting fresh air, catching some sunlight and walking regularly. This is beneficial for our muscles, our bones and our strength, our heart and our oxygen intake. We can even jog, run or cycle with our dogs, but don’t forget to give them Nexgard flea and tick protection in order to keep them safe.

Dogs teach us unconditional love

Dogs must be a more advanced species when it comes to showing love and affection without expecting anything in return. They simply love us and are not afraid to show it. They soften our hardened hearts and melt us into love and affection that we rarely shower our fellow humans with. Dogs are safe to love and we can be sure they won’t betray us, abandon us or do us harm. Dogs are great teachers when it comes to the matters of the heart. Some spiritual teachers have even joke saying that the only chance we have of finding perfect unconditional love is from our dog. Indeed, our pet’s love is undying and we can always rely on it. There are many people who struggle with loneliness, people without partners, family or friends. This is especially the case with the elderly. However, owning a dog produces almost the same emotional and health benefits that having a life partner does.

Dogs do so much for us – they keep us active, they make us happy, they love us any day of the year even on our bad days, and they are our most faithful friends. All of this has positive effects on our health and wellbeing and we should be more than grateful to these amazing creatures. It might be time for that special treat! 

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