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How much you love your pets? In-fact, we all are fond of our pets and, so we are concerned about their well-being. But, people often wonder what they can do to make their canines mentally and physically happy. Everyone has a different views when it comes to look after the health of their canines. Some of them consider food as one of the primary concerns whereas some believe that giving a complete dog walking services really makes a difference. However, there lies a question as to what exactly can lead to an ultimate well-being of your pet. There can never be one reason for your pet's happiness but, there can be many secrets that you are not aware of. Let's reveal some of the secrets that really makes your canine healthy and energetic.

1. Physical Needs – Known But Less Focused !

This is one of the basic want that every pet owner should not only know but, even satisfy them. Let's see what you should make your pet content with that boost their health.

a) Clean Water

Merely giving water is not enough. But, your pet needs a fresh and pure water. This is one of the most basic needs that every owner should be concerned of. This need is not just confined to satisfying the thirst, but you should take other vigilance as well. Keep the bowl clean and wash it regularly. Stagnant water can invite disease and, so it is advisable to change the water frequently.

b) Good Nourishment

A good diet boost your canine's health. Hence, choosing the right nutrition has become the priority for most of the pet owners. Analyzing many information on right food can leave you more baffled than enlightened. A good quality dog food makes your pet healthy from inside out. Such nutrition makes your pet's heart and bones stronger; leaving a shinier coat with less shedding and itching.

c) Training

A regular exercise is very much important that makes your pooch energetic and prevent the lethargic behavior of your pet. A dog's energy needs to be diverted somewhere else otherwise it might get exhausted in undesirable ways. The type of exercise depends on dog's breed. You can invest in some dog walking companies who knows exactly what type of exercise your dog urge for.

d) Other Physical Needs

Would you like that your dog smells bad? No one wants to play or snuggle around your dog if it stinks badly. A good hygiene is must for every pet as filthiness might lead to numerous health issues. Pets even need a reliable and adequate convenience to eliminate away from their sleeping area. A appropriate shelter and security is also one of basic physical need and, should be provided by every pet owner.


2. Social Needs As We Have

Dogs always strive for a good companionship and, love to be around other dogs or people as well. They crave for attention and exploration because they are social creature. A happy dog is one who is surrounded by many people and get lots of ear scratches. If your dog is well-socialized , then they would love to associate with many individuals around them.

3. Esteem Needs

Do your dogs have a sense of self-respect? Probably most pets possess a self-esteem. A proper training boost such morale and make it even stronger. Have you ever seen a dog's reaction when they accomplish a difficult task? It makes them feel good if they earn your appreciation.

4. Cognitive Needs

A dog is more than just a hunch. They possess a stronger sensory organ than humans. They have a power to smell, think and even solve the problem just like us. Apart from just training, giving your pet an exploration to different path provides a mental stimulation. You can enhance your pet's intellectual power by playing such games where your dog uses its brain. Give your pet some task like fetching you a drink from the fridge. This will really boost your canine's mental ability.

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