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Fall is officially here, and with it comes a variety of problems, issues, and general itchiness. This time of year can be lots of fun thanks to the many holidays that spot the calendar, but it can also mean itchy skin and allergies. Keep your pet happy and healthy this Fall by following these tips.

1. Fleas and ticks are still a concern
It is a myth that fleas are not a problem in the cold, so keep treating your pet with flea and tick medication all year long. This misconception is due to the fewer instances of flea infestation during the colder months. While the adult fleas die off if it is too cold, immature fleas can remain alive in the larva or pupa stages. Vacuum often and continue flea medication all year long.

2. Cold weather could harm your dog
Even if your dog basically lives outside, you will want to make sure to keep an eye out for any signs that he is not comfortable. The cold weather is just as dangerous for our dogs as it is for us. If you are planning a trip or an outing with your dog this Fall, you may want to consider a Therapy Pet Jacket to keep him warm.

3. Does your dog itch this time of year?
There are many reasons why your dog could be itching or why the itching gets worse this time of year. It could be allergies, flea bites, skin issues due to dry skin or dermatitis, or something else completely. If you are unsure of What To Do About Your Pet’s Winter Dry Skin, do a little research, try a few suggestions, or make an appointment with your vet.

4. Keep an eye on the table
During the Autumn season, guests spend more time inside than out. If you are planning on serving your guests food, make sure to keep an eye on what is being offered to your dog and what your dog might have his eye on. Some human foods are fine to give your pet, but there are many potential dangers as well. Never allow your dog to have chocolate or onions. Turkey and other poultry bones could splinter and cause internal bleeding, so it is best not to let your dog have them. It is perfectly acceptable to announce to your guests that it is not ok to give your dog food without your consent.

5. Plants can also cause damage
We spend much more time indoors once the weather turns brisk. This includes bringing in any plants that cannot survive the cold. There are many plants that could cause your dog to become ill or end up in the hospital. Be sure to know about the potential dangers before bringing them into your home.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Fall season!

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