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My dog has recently started to pass gas quite frequently. I know some other dog owners had the same problem, so I wanted to find out why it happened and if it was something we should do something about.



Before I got started doing any kind of real research, I was side tracked. Try typing “Dog Farts” in the search box on Really, try it. You will laugh so much you will be in tears within seconds.



All kidding aside, I really was serious about wanting to learn more about why my dog had suddenly starting flatulating. I closed out Youtube and started my search with Google. Eventually, I calmed down enough to get some real research.



I soon realized my dog was probably passing gas everyday since she was born, just like us humans do, but now that she was fully grown, I could actually hear it. My husband suggested we buy her pills to make it stop, but I was not sold on that idea. I figured with the right diet and exercise, it would be kept under control.



The more I read, the more I found out that I was right. I told my husband that we would no longer give her human food unless it fell on the floor. She is a really quick runner when she knows something hit the floor and since she is about 90lbs, it is really difficult to stop her from getting to the food before I can get to it.


The best tips to control your dog’s flatulence are good exercise, no human food, and a high quality dog food. If this does not work to control your dog, consult your veterinarian.  



Some dogs, like humans actually do have a real problem and need pills. I continued my research to find out about the remedies available. Most pills being sold over the counter to prevent doggy flatulence actually end up robbing your dog of nutrients.



Eventually I found out that the best types of pills for flatulence control are made out of activated charcoal, which is available in a pill form, as a liquid, or even powered. Activated charcoal products are usually sold at local pet stores.


It is important here to remind everyone that if you are planning on changing your pet’s diet in any way or deciding on giving him or her supplements or vitamins, it is very important to consult your vet first.

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