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Anemia is a reduced number of red blood cells. It often occurs in dogs due to parasites, trauma, and tumors. Few causes of anemia in dogs can be treated. Usually anemia is a symptom of another disease and not a disease itself. In extreme cases your dog is given a blood transfusion until the real causes for anemia are discovered.  Anemic dogs are weak and will collapse at times. Your dog will also lose appetite; show a yellowing of the skin, blood in urine and excrement, weight loss, vomiting, and gums will lose their pink color.


Canine hemolytic anemia in dogs may also cause fever, and seizures which might occur at the last stages of the disease. Anemia in dogs is as serious as in humans. Contact your vet if any of these symptoms worsen. Your vet will administer the right iron supplementary dosage, and if your dog has internal or external parasites he might start a parasite-control program.


Mouse and rat poisoning can cause severe anemia in dogs so if that’s the case your vet will also treat any toxic vulnerability. You might additionally start a healthy diet to improve your dog’s health.   Some foods rich in iron are cooked liver, ground beef, lamb, fish, nuts, green vegetables, carrots, egg yolks, whole wheat, rye, pumpkin, and dog food full of iron.  

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