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Sometimes an animal gets an injury and won’t stop picking at the wound, even when doing so makes it worse. Other times, when an injured animal receives surgery, they feel compelled to scratch at their stitches, oblivious to the harm it will do to them. In these cases, the vet will typically outfit the animal with an Elizabethan collar, or E-Collar. Named for its resemblance to the ancient fashion, the E-Collar is a hard plastic cone that goes around their head, blocking their ability to bite at themselves. But while the E-Collar is effective at this task, it is also extremely uncomfortable for the animal, weighing down on their neck, limiting their vision, and getting in the way of their day-to-day activites.


Fortunately, there are alternatives to the hard plastic E-Collar that can reduce the stress on the injured pet. The simplest option is to use a collar made out of a different material, such as sturdy fabric; while they will still prevent your pet from chewing their wounds, they also have enough pliability that they don’t impede eating, drinking, running, and other activities. It’s still not ideal for the pet, but the ideal from the pet’s perspective would be to not wear a collar at all, so the alternatives at least reduce the inevitable strain. There are also inflatable E-Collars, which have a wide volume but less weight than other materials.


Other options are sleeves that cover the area. Several companies sell pet clothing meant to cover injuries, worn over the wound until it heals. These are even less bulky than collars; however, sleeves have to be tailored to the animal’s body, and should be acquired in advance of the surgery if possible. If that isn’t possible, use a standard collar until you receive the sleeves.


Whatever clothing you use to keep your pet from chewing at themselves, make certain that it’s tightly fastened, so it actually performs its intended function.

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