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What can my dog chew on?

1.       Raw or smoked bones can nourish them, clean their teeth, and keep puppies busy.

2.       I use smoked pork hocks, or shanks, and even pig’s feet!(from the supermarket)

3.       Big meaty beef or lamb bones can be purchased from pet stores.

4.       Baked or barbecued chicken or beef bones can be brittle, hard, and crack teeth.

5.       Bones have to be big enough to not be swallowed and last awhile. Bigger dogs need bigger bones. Not a good idea for gulpers and swallowers.

6.       Frozen chicken thighs work well with thigh bone in and skin on.

7.     Rawhide, pigs ears, and chew sticks can be used but do not last long and the beef or sprays cause some dogs to itch!

8.     Check out my book at and the videos below.




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