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If there were any one device that perfectly symbolized the attachment some people have to their cats, it would be the cat stroller. Similar to strollers designed for human babies, cat strollers allow the animals to go outside with their humans and see the world while keeping them protected and stationary. Since most cats will not put up with being put on a leash unless raised to do so, the stroller might be a more palatable way for them to get some fresh air. If you are considering buying a cat stroller, here are some factors to consider;


Cat size and weight. Different strollers have different weight limits, so you should know your cat’s length and weight ahead of time. Most cats shouldn’t be a problem, but particularly large and/or fat felines might be too much for some of the lighter models.

Strength of enclosure. Most strollers enclose the cat with mesh walls, allowing them to see and breathe easier. However, some cats might try to tear through the wall and escape, and particularly determined felines may succeed. Research the brand online and check others’ stories to rule out this scenario as best as possible.


Privacy. The enclosure sections of the stroller where your cat will sit might not be suited to their personality. Cats with shyer dispositions will take better to a stroller that allows them a space to hide, so look for strollers that have tented-off sections as well as open views for when your cat isn’t feeling sociable.


Local terrain. Strollers with smaller wheels are fine for clean sidewalks, but for more uneven terrain or less friendly weather conditions, invest in a cat stroller with larger wheels for a smoother ride (possibly with extra protection like rain covers and shock absorbers, though if the weather’s that bad you probably shouldn’t take your cat out at all.)


Detachable carrier. Some cats won’t take to the stroller, but if you can remove the enclosure from the stroller’s wheels, it can double as a nice place to sit at home. If your cat gets used to it in the living room, they may be less bothered if you try to take that space on the road with them inside.

About the author: A freelance writer/cartoonist living in LA, with my fiance' and our wonderful cat. You can see my work at and more >>

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