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Cat treats can be a great addition to your feline’s daily routine. In addition to being something they’ll enjoy, treats can help broaden finicky feline palates, offer added nutrition, and give you a tool to call your cat out from hiding. Though feeding cats too many treats can make them obese, this won’t be a problem if you use them in moderation. Here are some tips to find the right treats for your cat.


Investigate the benefits of each treat. Different treats offer different health advantages, such as hairball control, tartar control, vitamins for growing kittens, or joint relief for older cats. Assess the areas with which your cat needs help, and look for treats in those categories.


Watch the calorie count. Different treats have different levels of fat, with soft, chewy treats often being much richer. If you get a heavier treat, make sure you don’t feed as many of them to your cat.


Look for treats with high protein and low carbohydrate counts. Cats are strictly carnivores, and their digestive systems are designed for meat above all other foods. They need a lot of protein, and they have difficulty digesting carbohydrates and sugars. Look at the packages and compare the different nutritional ratings of each brand of treat.


Avoid treats with lengthy ingredient lists. Many treats include all manner of unhealthy filler ingredients and artificial flavors, such as wheat gluten, ground yellow corn, potassium chloride, and by-product meals. A good rule of thumb is to gravitate towards treats with shorter lists of ingredients, as all these chemicals can be unhealthy and even harmful if your cat ingests them too often.

Consider making your own cat treats. Bits of meat you aren’t using from your meals, such as liver, fish, or eggs, can be repurposed and recooked as cat food. Make sure that you only feed them food that is cat-safe, and do not use this as the majority of your cat’s diet.

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