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         Cats come into the clinic with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea every day.


    Young cats often have worms and parasites and need to have their poop checked for worm eggs, giardia cysts, or coccidia.

   Adult cats could have parasites,but most commonly have an intolerance for the dry food they eat.Often just changing from dry food to wet or canned food soothes many an inflamed bowel.

   In young cat, we use drontal for tapeworms and roundworms, metronidiazole or panacur for giardia, and sulfa for coccidia.

   In older cats we use drontal for tapes and roundworms, metronidiazole for giardia and an irritated bowel, prednisone to sooth an irritated bowel, or a change of food from dry to canned to reduce the irritation from dryness and poorly tolerated ingredients.Cats may be sensitive to wheat or beef ingredients in the food.

   So in young cats take in a stool sample to see if they need to be treated for worms or parasites. Older cats with diarrhea may respond to changing the food first as long as the cat is feeling fine and acting normal. This may reduce the need for tests and needless medication

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