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I often wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off because my brain is unconsciously keeping track of time. About 10-15 minutes before the alarm, my terrrier Maisy always jumps down off the bed, grabs a toy, and starts shaking it. Then she turns upside down, rubs her back on the floor, and starts her happy growling. She is saying, “It is time to get up and feed me. Don’t be late! “



 After we “fell back” for daylight savings time, Maisy started her activity at the same old time by her internal clock. Her biological clock told her it was 4:30am, even though my clock now said 3:30am. Daylight Savings Time changes back and forth. Their clocks are in tune with light, darkness, and our habits. Our habits have to over-rule and re-set their internal clocks.  I had to yell a bit to get Maisy to come back to bed, and coaxed her to go back to sleep for another hour with good belly rub.



Maisy’s biological clock feeding alarm goes off at 5pm every night. When it gets close to that time she grabs one of her furry toys and starts furiously chewing it. Being a terrier, she loves to gut the stuffed toys after she finds the squeaker.  This is her way to tell me it is time to eat. She must wonder what happened when her clock tells her it is time to eat, and we fail to show. However animals learn and adapt, often better then we do. I hate the changing time myself. I wish we could agree on pushing the clocks 30 minutes ahead and call it good.

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