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We listen to it in the car, at work, in the store, at home, and pretty much anywhere we go. Music seems to find its way into our lives pretty much everyday. Music is important to us humans. It can make us happy and relaxed.

Music and your pet
But did you know that your dog is also soothed by music? In recent years, many studies (and animal shelters) have found that by playing music, their dogs, cats, and other animals become more relaxed and comfortable even in unfamiliar surroundings.

If you have ever been in a quiet home with no TV, radio, or YouTube on, just you and the dog, you might have noticed your dog making noises or pacing. I know I have. As soon as I turn on Pandora, however, my dog quiets down and finds a spot to lay down.

What kind of music do they like?
Certain types of music seem to work better than others when it comes to calming and soothing your pet. This was found out by the scientists from Teikyo University of Science, department of Animal Science during an eighteen month study.

Classical music with added sounds such as human conversations, dogs barking, and bird sounds, is the best combination.

Use music to calm pets who have separation anxiety. All you have to do is put a CD on replay or leave your TV/computer on. Make a playlist or find a radio station that your dog or other pet will enjoy while you are away.

Radio that has gone to the dogs
Between cell phone and device apps, the Internet, and TV, you have access to a variety of methods to play music that is designed just for your pet.

CDs - Find CDs full of music your dog will enjoy on Amazon. Choices include “Through a Dog’s Ear”, “While You Were Gone: Music Pets Love”, and “Relaxation Music For Dogs and Cats Volume 1”.

Radio - There are even online radio stations that stream music designed for pets. Try

App - If you are wondering, yes, there is even an app for this. Pet Acoustics is an iPhone app that is designed specifically for pets. The music available on this app uses the full comfortable range that pets can hear, which is about two or three times that of our hearing. It is designed to calm your pet.

About the author: Kayleigh has always loved animals and has spent time volunteering at the local dog shelter. The love of her life is her four year old Rottweiler, Lizzie. She enjoys writing for since it combines her love of animals with one of her favor... more >>

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