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With so many products to choose from today it’s very hard to choose which one is right for your pet. Many people will walk into the pet store looking for a brush for their shedding dog and not even take into account what type of coat their dog has when choosing a brush.

Dogs have different types of hair just as we do. Using one type of brush on all three coat types would be like forcing us all to use a comb on our hair. There are only really three basic types of coats. Longhaired, Short haired, and Undercoats.

Take your fingers and run it through your dog’s hair. If it’s thin and runs through easily chances are your dog does not have an undercoat. If you can feel a resistance and a layer below the top, that is an undercoat.

These types of coats need special attention.  Undercoats are typically seen in dogs meant for really cold environments like Huskies, and Malamutes.


Shedding Rakes, Undercoat Rakes, and Dematting Rakes

These are all used for your really furry dogs like huskies, and newfoundlands. Dogs with really thick fur that can be matted and tangled easily have an “undercoat”. When spring time comes and dog's start shedding undercoat rakes do wonders at helping to pull the coat out in clumps.


Dematting rakes also help to break up mats, but beware they are very sharp because it is used to cut through the mat, it’s really a razor blade.


Many people choose to shave these dogs in the summer time, because they feel they get "hot". They don’t, in fact shaving a dog with an undercoat can completely ruin their coats. It will grow back in wrong, and mess up the balance of how the regulate their temperature. Buy a proper brush and keep them well groomed to avoid this! Shaving a dog with an undercoat is doing them a huge service.


Rubber Brushes

These are wonderful for giving shorthaired dogs a bath. When they are shedding they can help release all the short hairs that get everywhere that normal brushing seems to do nothing for.


Just simply lather on shampoo and brush down with the grain of the fur and repeat this several times.

Slicker Brushes

These are really good brushes for brushing out long haired dogs and dogs with undercoats for simple grooming to prevent mats. You can use these on a regular basis and it will not get out much hair for shedding purposes on a undercoated dog, but will on a longhaired dog or a short haired dog. They are also good on short haired dogs. You can never go wrong with having a slicker brush for any dog.

Combs and Pinbrushes


Combs are really excellent for combing out poodle topknots, or tails of longhaired dogs, or silky fur or Yorkshire terriers. Pinbrushes are excellent for grooming short haired dogs or dogs with wirey type hair (certain breeds of terrier).

Remember proper grooming of a dog, is a happy dog. Just pick out the right brush. Brushing can benefit any dog if done properly and daily.


About the author: I love my pets! I have worked with animals all my life and have worked just about any job I could get my hands on to get more and more knowledge! more >>

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