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It can definitely shorten your pet’s life span. As much as twenty five percent of dogs and cats going to the veterinarian today are obese.Obesity might cause some healthproblems: heart and liver problems, diabetes, arthritis, bladder cancer, and skin disorders. Make sure you read dog food labels and get good info on what chemicals in the ingredient list are fattening or harmful for your dog. The first ingredients on the label should be some kind of protein. I would definitely avoid artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Homemade food is better because you know what you are feeding your dog with. However, there are some healthy brands out there. Many of our modern dogs suffer with nutritionally related diseases. Malnourishment has lead not only to starvation but obesity in dogs as foods have more fat than they should. Food is not the only reason your dog can get obese but lack of exercise as well. Usually small dogs require more exercise than big ones. Do your daily walk with your dog and he/she will be fine. Don’t abandon your dog. He has never abandoned you.  

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