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Dogs and cats are prone to the same types of emotions we are. Most people can tell when their pets are really happy or sad. When we come home from work, our pets are usually really glad to see us. Yes, it’s true that they want to be fed, but once they are, many want their “dose” of attention and affection also. They look pretty happy when they are being petted don’t they?

Other favorite activities of dogs and cats are rides in the car, and walks on the beach, laying in the sun, or stalking a bird. The opposite situation occurs when you come home to “slinking behavior” of dogs; or cats spraying on the corners, furniture, or walls of your house. These types of behaviors are signs of anxiety or nervousness. The dog slinks around because they are nervous about your reaction to bad behavior that they have had while you were gone. Dogs are well known to be very anxious about being left alone or hearing loud and scary noises like construction noises, storms, or fireworks. Destructive behavior and escaping behavior usually follows extreme anxiety about the scary situations. Cats can become nervous when things in their world have changed. A new dog, cat, or person can shake them up. New cats that cause anxiety do not even have to be inside. Resident cats can be upset by seeing new cats patrolling their territory from the window, door, or from the fence. Even changing the location of their cat box or the type of litter in it can cause spraying or pooping outside the box. When cats “think outside the box” it can be real bad. Some cats want their own box and will poop or pee outside it till they get their own.

 Some dogs, like Jack Russell terrorists are so aggressive they that need to be medicated to be nicer. My sister in laws dog, Lucy, goes into a frenzy barking at dogs walking by then attacks her housemates. Prozac put a stop to that.

There are a few drugs that veterinarians use to decrease the anxiety level so that training , desensitization techniques, or time will help decrease the feelings associated with the bad behavior. However some dogs or cats need to stay on medication for life because of their high level of anxiety, destructive behavior, spraying on everything, or pooping elsewhere than the box

In my experience Prozac usually works the best for anxiety behavior. Here are the common behavior modification drugs used for anxiety.

Fluoxetine (Prozac),Clomipramine(Clomicalm), Amitriptyline (Elavil),Alprazolam (Xanax),

Diazepam (Valium)

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