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There are many reasons and situations when dog stairs are needed. Dog stairs are stairs that your dog can use to get up on furniture, beds, etc. Usually, they are made up of two or three steps and are covered with a type of carpet or soft material for comfort.


Who Needs Dog Steps?

Small dogs, older dogs, or dogs with joint or bone problems all need help getting up on couches, beds, chairs, in the car, or out of a pool.



Small dogs can be picked up and put on or in where they want or need to go, but only when someone is around to help. Older dogs tend to have problems with joints, muscles, or bones that cause them pain when they have to stretch or jump onto furniture or into the car. Also, if a dog has had an injury or broken a bone, he or she can have the same problems.



So, if your dog is too small to get on or off furniture by his or herself, is older and can no longer move or jump, or has a physical ailment that prevents him or her from reaching that soft spot on the couch, it is time to think about getting some doggie steps.


Dogs need help when they:
  • Need or want to get up on or off of the couch
  • Need or want to get up on or off of a chair
  • Need or want to get up on or off of the bed
  • Need to get into or out of a car, truck, or van
  • Need to get out of a swimming pool
  • Need or want to look out of a high window
Types Of Dog Steps

There are many types of dog steps. Here are a few examples:


        Straight or curved, basic steps


Stairs with 2 steps, 3 steps, or more


Covered with carpet



Plastic steps with soft carpet



Wood framed steps



Metal framed with carpet covering



Stairs with storage inside the steps


Collapsible, expandable stairs for travel



Do it yourself steps



Theraputic steps



High style, designer steps



For the pool






Important Points To Remember When Buying Dog Steps
Each of these types of steps has unique qualities. Some are designed for travel, others for large dogs, still others for dogs with physical ailments, and some for special situations. It is important to think about where you will be placing the steps before you buy.



Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the couch cushion, mattress, car seat or trunk, or landing where the dog wants or needs to end up.



It is also important to find out how much weight the dog steps can handle. You should know your dog’s weight also and be sure to buy steps that will easily accommodate your dog, even if he or she gains a few pounds.



Think about if you want to leave the dog stairs out all the time or if you will need to store them. If easy storage is something you will need, look for steps that fold or collapse for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.



Larger dogs need wider steps, while smaller dogs with shorter legs need either more, closer spaced steps or a ramp. Dogs with physical ailments need soft steps in order to not be in pain.


Dog steps range in price from around $20 USD to about $300 USD, depending on materials used, size, and construction.



Dog steps can be found at local pet stores, stores that sells pet products, or through hundreds of online retailers. Some even specialize in custom dog steps (around $200).



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