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The variety of over the counter flea treatments is increasing with Bayer making Advantage and Advantix available to pet owners on-line and in pet stores without a vet prescription.      


Most topical flea and tick products are pesticides. Does your dog or cat need constant exposure? Do you have lots of fleas in your area? Ticks can carry dangerous bacterial infections such as Lymes, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichia. Tick control is important in affected areas.


Itching and dry scaly skin may be due to lack of oils in the diet and food allergies to glutens and beef. Flea allergy is definitely over diagnosed or assumed to be the problem when dogs or cats itch. Feeding a different or better diet may solve itching problems and the “need” for flea treatment. Check out my website


Fleas are a nuisance and carry tapeworms, but usually do not cause medical problems unless they are present in great numbers and ignored. However It is much easier and better to treat them right away before they multiply to those great numbers.  I usually treat my pets when I first see fleas for 3-4 months. You have to treat all animals, especially outside cats that bring fleas home.

In contrast to the topical treatments which are being investigated for skin reactions and other problems by the FDA, there is an oral medication for dogs called Comfortis, and organic flea treatments for houses, yards, dogs, and cats. For example, you can treat your yard with beneficial nematodes (they work better than chemicals), natural pyrethrums or diatomaceous earth. You can use an herbal flea and tick shampoo containing citrus oils. Your pet is bathed 1 to 2 times weekly for several weeks until the parasites are controlled. Make sure all products on safe on cats!

Flea and tick control is not taken as lightly as in the past. Make sure your pet needs the pesticide or organic treatment before you apply, dose, dunk, or nuke.


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Anyone of you ever seen this? its great if you do love your Pets. No more,Fleas,no more ticks or even mosquito check it out. I am using it on my Dog for the pas 6 month and not once she had fleas or ticks at all:
Posted by marian21660 on Monday, 12/23/2013, 00:35AM

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