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I was so excited about the new award winning cat toy Fling-ama-String but so far the result is somehow disappointing after the testing conducted by my three cats. None of them really like it! QC failed!

A big drag I noticed is the noise. It's noticeably noisy when I turn on the switch. This is probably one of the reasons that annoy my cats.

Also, the motion of the string is just up and down, no swiveling or circling whatsoever. It's boring after a couple of minutes. My cats checked it out the first time for a minute, then they lose their interest immediately and walked away.

Cats are really smart and picky, especially my cats. When they play, they are interacting with the human not the toy itself. Unfortunately the one toy I felt so excited about is a disappointment for my cats. They are picky customers really hard to please.



But the video is sooooo good:


What is your experience with this toy? Feel free to share it here.

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