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It is the perfect love story between a boy and his dog. When Victor, a likeable ten year old boy living in the town of New Holland (where everyone has a pet), loses his beloved dog Sparky in a car accident, he turns to science to bring him back to life.

The Plot Rundown
Victor’s father, Mr. Frankenstein, wants very badly for his son to participate in a sport instead of focusing only on his science project. Being the good kid, he decides to play baseball. During his game, he gets two strikes, but finally hits a homerun.

Sparky, the loyal family bull terrier, was there at the game. After trying to fetch the missed balls, Victor ties him up to the stands. However, his fetching instincts kicked in when he saw Victor hit his home run.

Sparky manages to break free and run after the ball, which had landed across the street. Victor and his parents immediately run after him, but it is too late. Sparky is hit by a car.

Victor and his folks bury Sparky in the neighborhood pet cemetery with all the other deceased pets.

Devastated by his loss, Victor becomes depressed and shows little interest in school or science until his teacher performs an experiment for the class. He prods a dead frog with an electrical source to make its legs move.

That gives Victor an idea. He gathers material and Sparky’s body, and heads to the attic. His first attempt is a success and Sparky has a new life.

It isn’t long before Egor, or “E”, who is desperate to be Victor’s science fair partner, finds out about what has happened and gets Victor to show him how it was done.

It turns out “E” cannot keep a secret, and pretty soon, all of the other fair contestants know about Sparky and try to reanimate their own deceased pets.

Unfortunately, none of the other experiments worked out as well as Victor’s. Strange monsters are born and start to wreak havoc on the town. It is up to Victor to try to get rid of the monsters and save his neighbor, Elsa.

In the end, Victor does save the day, but then Sparky has to save him at he expense of his own life. Of course, there is a twist at the end, but you will have to watch the movie to find out what it is.

Frankenweenie is a heartwarming story about a boy and his dog that will make you smile and cry.

The loss of a pet can be devastating, especially to a young child who has never experienced the death of a loved one before. It can be difficult for a child to let go of a lost pet, as it was for Victor when Sparky was killed.

The first time Sparky dies, it strikes a chord with the viewer, who probably knows what Victor is feeling. The second time, at the end of the movie, when Sparky dies again, Victor tells his parents that he is ready to let him go and that Sparky will always be in his heart.

Black and White
Watching a movie in black and white in 2012 is an interesting experience. It fits very well with this story and even adds an interesting element to the movie.

A black and white movie in 3D is a unique experience. So, if you were wondering if it was worth it, the answer is yes, go see the movie!

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