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We all love when holiday season comes knocking at our door. It’s the sense of togetherness we experience when spending quality time with our most loved ones, warm homes, great food, and lots of fun. This period is fun for dogs as well, as they will also spend extra time with their owners. However, pet owners need to take extra care to keep their pet dogs safe, regarding food, changes in routine, and holiday pyrotechnics. These are a few simple tips to follow and ensure that the wonderful holiday time goes smoothly for all.


#1 Holiday Food Caution

During New Year and Christmas days, there’s plenty of tempting, rich food set out around the house – mince pies, bowls of nuts, candy canes dangling from trees, chocolate, and delicious smelling gifts. These foods are put in prominent positions, and it can be too much for a curious dog (and every dog is a curious dog, right?). They can’t help themselves to taste some of these goodies, but many of the foods that are kept in the house during holiday time can be dangerous for your canine. For example, chocolate contains theobromine that’s toxic to dogs, while holly berries, onions, and raising can also be potentially dangerous for them. So make sure that these treats and other objects that your dog may find interesting are kept out of reach and harm’s way. Also, resist the urge to share your holiday dinner with your dog, because sudden changes in diet can upset his delicate stomach. If your holiday preparation has made your schedule busy, you can order your pet supplies online and save some precious time.


#2 Changes in Routine

People find changes in routine positive, because there’s more time to spend with favorite people. However, this can be pretty stressful for some dogs, and you as a dog owner should be aware of this possibility. To alleviate any kind of unease, try keeping to the usual scheduling of walking and feeding times, which may greatly help. Try making his days more fun with some extra play and exercise. A lovely walk in the park can work out great after a hearty meal. Also, make sure that your dog has access to his bed, away from the crowd and excitement, so he can nap in his quiet spot.

#3 Mind the Pyrotechnics

Did you know that dogs’ hearing is 4 times better than ours? So, when dogs flee and seek shelter when they hear unfamiliar and loud sounds, such as of fireworks, it is simply their natural reaction. At those times of year, fireworks phobias are very common. It is advisable to take help from a behaviorist and a vet, but you can also take some practical measures yourself. Close the doors and curtains to minimize flashes and noise, playing music in the house, and allowing your dog access to his quiet place is what you can do. Your dog sees you as his pack leader in order to assess how to respond to an unfamiliar situation, so remaining calm and acting as normal as possible will also help.

Always allow your pet dog access to his safe place, and bear in mind that comforting a worried dog can very much reinforce the feeling that something terrible is happening at the moment. Pay attention to keep his routine going and reinforce it with some extra exercise or walks in your neighborhood.


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