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I think all guinea pig owners can agree with me on the fact that guinea pigs are easy pets to raise. It’s because of all the care information and the proper care supplies available around us today that make it easy. But please know that it’s not as simple as just feeding them and giving them water. Like with all pets, proper grooming is essentially for a happy pet.

Depending on the type of guinea pig you decide to raise, the time commitment spent on grooming can vary a lot. Of course, long haired guinea pigs will require more time than short haired guinea pigs. And a curly haired cavy requires more attention than a straight haired cavy. So, if you don’t to spend too much time on grooming, I would definitely not recommend a texel guinea pig, which has long curly hair.

Here i’ll cover all the necessities of grooming, including nail trimming, brushing, teeth trimming and bathing, which are necessary for all guinea pigs.

Trimming their nails

Are you really surprised that you need to trim their nails from time to time? When trimming your pet’s nails, look for the quick, which are the blood vessels you want to avoid. You can easily spot this if your guinea pig has clear nails, but with black nails it will take some guessing and time to get used to where to trim. Don’t worry if you accidently cut them, but try your best not to.

Put them on a tennis racket and wrap them in a towel to prevent them from squirming around too much. The nails should go through the racket, which holds down their feet and makes it slightly easier to trim.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to do this if you want. Get sooth bricks and have them run around on him for a bit everyday. This will naturally trim their nails.

Hair brushing

Short haired guinea pigs need to be brushed as well. If your guinea pigs goes out to play quite often, there’s a good chance they will collect debris in their coat. Brushing should be done at least once a week for short haired guinea pigs, once every other day for long straight haired pigs and every day for long curly haired pigs.

Try to use a soft brush and not damage the soft skin of your guinea pig. If you do, you’ll know because they’ll let out a shriek.

Trimming the Teeth

It’s pretty unusual, but guinea pigs have incisors that are constantly growing, which means they need to be trimmed to prevent discomfort. Don’t worry, you don’t have to open their mouths and trim them yourself. Instead, invest in chew toys, which they will naturally chew on to satisfy an itch.

Another option would be feeding them hard treats, such as stale bread or the popular timothy hay cubes that many owners choose to give them. And  just because you have chew toys or hard treats, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to regularly check up on their teeth. Inspect their teeth every so often because there may be a chance that a tooth has been chipped from chewing on hard objects. If so, please seek veterinary help.


Guinea pigs do not like to takes baths. In fact, it lowers their immune system whenever they’re in water. These critters are just not meant to be in water. But sometimes, if they get something sticky on them, you will need to give them a bath.

Never use medicated shampoo unless told so by a vet. I would suggest something soft on the skin, like baby shampoo. Simply put them in a bowl and sponge bath gently if possible. Guinea pigs with long hair tend to soak up urine and other disgusting things in their cage, so bathing is necessary. However, some short haired guinea pigs never take baths and that’s okay. It really depends on how dirty they can get in the environment.

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