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Guinea pigs may seem cute and adorable when they are in the pet store.  Not to mention, they are also a lot cheaper than owning a traditional pet like a cat or a dog. But there is more to them than meets the eye and owning one may be a little overwhelming to someone who has never had one before.

Growing up with guinea pigs in my classroom, I knew what fun it was to care for one. And with these few tips, owning your very own guinea pig will be fun and pleasurable after all:

-Get the proper sized cage. A guinea pig needs a lot of room to run around and have a good time.  Try to get a cage that is at least four square feet per guinea pig.
-For their bedding, try wood shavings and for a bed, try a flower pot. For ideas of how to set it all up, check out the picture below.

-Invest in something that will give them plenty of exercise. A giant wheel may give them spinal problems, so try something a little easier on their back.
-Remember to change bedding regularly and to clean the cage on a daily basis.
-Guinea pigs are good at cleaning themselves, but you’ll want to brush them on a regular basis.
-Mix up their food. Guinea pigs love variety, just like humans. Keep it fresh by trying a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C along with the pellets you will be giving them.
-Feed them plenty of hay. Try keeping a small bowl out with some Timothy hay in it.
-Keep a water bottle attached to their cages at all times just in case they get thirsty.
-Guinea pigs teeth grow continuously, so it is important to give them something to gnaw on. Branches and twigs will do the trick for this one.
-Don’t be afraid to get two. By nature, guinea pigs are social, so getting a pair is a great idea. Keep in mind that you’ll want to pair females with females and males with males, unless of course you want babies.
-Trim their nails. Guinea pigs are prone to getting ingrown nails, so it is important to keep them trimmed on a regular basis.
-Shelters are a great place to start to give a great guinea pig a second chance.
-Many guinea pigs may be uncomfortable with a new person, so take some time with them at first.






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