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With what seems like a heat wave spreading across all 50 states, now is a good time to make sure that you’re prepared to protect your Guinea Pig from the extreme heat. Year round, it is important to find a place in your home that is comfortable for your Guinea Pig to live. Excessive heat and cold (due to air conditioning) temperatures are harmful to Guinea Pigs. Even if the temperatures seem comfortable to you, like small children, small animals can overheat quickly.
When the temperatures rise, consider if your Guinea Pig’s cage is located in a suitable place.
1.)    Cage should not be in front of a window or in the path of direct sunlight.
2.)    Do not put the cage anywhere there is a draft (caused by open doors and/or windows) or an air conditioning vent.
3.)    Do not cover your Guinea Pig’s cage to shelter it from the sunlight or air conditioning. In the case of
sunlight, doing so can actually make the cage hotter and unsafe for your Guinea Pig. The cage should be open so that fresh air can naturally flow freely at all times.
Once you have determined the most suitable place to keep your Guinea Pig on these hot summer days, consider taking extra precautions.
1.)    Make sure your Guinea Pig has plenty of water. It is especially important on hot days that it’s water is fortified with vitamin C. Refer to the bottle for the correct amounts.
2.)    During the day, keep your windows closed and covered to block out the sun. 
3.)    Take additional precautions when your Guinea Pig’s cage location in a room that reaches above normal temperatures.   For instance, place a portable fan connected to a timer in that room. Set the timer so that the fan goes on before peak heat times and automatically turns off as the temperature returns to normal. Having a timer set will help keep your Guinea Pig comfortable when you are not at home.
4.)    If your Guinea Pig’s cage sits on a table or stand, move the cage to the floor. Heat rises making the floor a more comfortable location.
Signs your Guinea Pig could be dehydrated:
1.)    Non-responsive
2.)    Not eating or drinking
3.)    Has trouble standing up or walking
4.)    Displays a greatly diminished level of activity
 If your Guinea Pigs displays any of these symptoms encourage (do not force) it to drink water. Move the cage to a cool area. If symptoms persist, contact your veterinarian immediately.

By following these simple tips, your Guinea Pig will have an comfortable and most of all enjoyable Summer.


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