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If your dog has cancer or your cat has seizures, there is good news. With the advancement of technology, there are new veterinary procedures that can help, such as:

Tomotherapy is a special kind of treatment for cancer care. It is basically a type of CT scan that specifically targets the tumor with radiation. This is a new treatment that is also used in humans. This is a very expensive piece of equipment, as you can imagine, so not every vet has one. If you pet has cancer, look into vet hospitals in your area that might have one.

CT scans
The best thing about CT scans is that they can do a number of things, depending on what kind you have. Some are good at detecting illnesses like chronic pleural fibrosis, and others treat the issues, like the Tomotherapy machine.

Stem Cell Transplants
This treatment will help cure arthritis in animals. Unfortunately, this specific treatment is only approved for animals because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA for human use yet.


Other new high- tech vet care available for your pet includes 3-D imaging scanners, MRIs, and ultrasounds (pictured above) that help veterinarians detect and then treat what your pet is suffering from.

As I had mentioned before, many of these pieces of equipment are not cheap and your corner veterinary hospital might not carry all of the most modern technology. However, at the Animal Medical Center (AMA) in Manhattan, you will get all of this- in fact, this medical center is one of the leaders in animal health. One of the reasons it is able to do so well is because generous patrons give back- even more expensive pieces of equipment.

It also helps that the AMA is non- for profit and will help you out if you are having a difficult time paying for treatment. It is a good option to consider if you live in Manhattan or in the area.

Other things to consider
Now that you know the perks of new veterinary care and where you can get it, you may be a little worried about the costs. There are a few things you can take into consideration to reduce the price of pet care to be more budget- friendly, such as:

New vets may be looking to build up their base of business. Some will even be more willing to give discounts so that word of mouth will bring business in. Many vets also offer discounts to senior citizens.

Many veterinary offices can also offer coupons to clients.  Don’t be afraid to ask for one just in case your vet does offer one.

Pet Insurance
Pet insurance is  a good investment when you first adopt a pet. It will help reduce the costs of medical care in the long run, even if you only visit the vet occasionally.

Look Around, Even Specialists
Many people worry that a specialist would cost more in the long run, but think of it like this: If your pet is suffering from some ailment, a specialist can identify and treat it quicker than a non- specialist, reducing the overall cost associated with medical care. Best part is, if you only visit a specialist once and they diagnose the problem right away, your bill may be less than you’d expect.

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