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When it comes to cat diseases especially kidney disease, you cannot afford to joke around with your cat’s health. You just have to provide them with the support they need to live longer and healthier lives.

That said, it is extremely important to ensure that your animal companion is fed a nutritious and moisture full diet to support his ai[ling kidney. Unfortunately most commercial cat foods out there cannot meet all the needs of such a cat.

And that is where homemade cat foods come in handy. Homemade cat food along with some supplements recommended by a qualified vet are your best bet if you want your loved one to live a longer, happier and healthy life.

And the best part is that you do not need to be a professional chef to prepare these special entrees. All a cat parent needs is about half an hour of their time and a few ingredients that are commonly found in the kitchen.

To get a clear picture about these foods, here are some important tips about Kidney supporting homemade cat food:

 Lean Protein

Because cats are carnivores, their diets mainly revolves around meat. But since kidney diets are usually low in protein and phosphorus (a nutrient found in proteins), this may be a bit tricky in case where the cat has kidney problem.

So to strike a balance it is recommended that you go for leaner meats such as poultry, lamb and fish over other fattier options as they are lower in phosphorus. 

Cooked brown rice with high quality omega 3-rich fish oils can also be used as a base in low protein foods like fish and poultry. You can reduce the amount of oil if the cat has loose stools and mixing it with tuna canned in water may help encourage the cat to eat.

And then once the pet acclimatizes to the base food, slowly add some chopped vegetables for nutrients and fiber. Fresh spinach, kale, frozen peas, potato peelings and steamed mashed carrots can also be used. Avoid using onions or cooked spinach.



Whole cooked eggs are a perfect source of complete protein and other important nutrients for your ailing pet. In fact the (BV) biological value of protein in eggs is the international standard to which all other protein sources are gauged.

This essentially means that the protein in eggs is of a higher quality than that in fish, poultry and beef. Additionally the egg shell is also a great source of calcium for your pet. Always boil the eggs for 10 to 15 minutes before giving them to the cat as cooked eggs are more beneficial to your ailing pet than raw eggs. 

Farmer’s cheese

It is okay to give dairy products that are low in lactose to the cat in moderation. For example farmer’s cheese is very low in lactose and it is what ailing cats need to thrive.

Freezing no-fat cottage cheese or ordinary fat cheese and then squeezing or pouring off the liquid also removes a big percentage of the lactose.

In that form, the protein content is similar to that of lean meats. Cats that do not like or cannot tolerate lactose will also handle this form of lactose well. 


Rice is a perfect carbohydrate source for any pet with kidney problems. Additionally very few cats are intolerant to the food than they are of soy, corn and wheat. Rice is also rich in calcium, protein and iron which can be very beneficial to the cat.

Keep in mind that preparing brown unpolished rice preserves most of these nutrients than processed white rice hence making it more beneficial to cats with kidney problems.

Sweet Peas

Most cats have no issues taking moderate amounts of unseasoned or cooked peas. Hence they are a good source of fiber and dietary carbohydrate for cats. They also help the cat’s body organs including the kidney function optimally and heal quickly.

Cats that have allergies will also find sweat peas heaven sent as the food can also be used as a substitute to cereal grains. However, because of their high carbohydrate content, the amount given to the cat should be limited.


When added to your cat’s diet in moderation, pumpkin can be a great source of fiber. It helps prevent constipation and loose stool.


Some oils have very handy features that help fight inflammation and boost immunity of the cat. Polyunsaturated fats for instance can be beneficial to cats with renal failure. Inflammation fighting and immune boosting oils include those with wild salmon and omega 3’s like flax.

Try dripping some of these oils on your finger or a plate for sampling and over time you will learn what your pet prefers. Chicken and turkey fats also contain polyunsaturated fats.

Additional Tips

Cats prefer foods that are fresh and warm. To tempt the pet with a homemade food that he does like but it is beneficial to his kidney, just wave it around as though the food is alive and then give it to the cat.

For parents who have busy schedules and you can be around always to feed your ailing cat, consider getting an automatic cat feeder. High quality feeders work tremendously to support your pet when you are not around.

Some also come with a timer that allows you to set meal times throughout the day. It is simply a set and forget tool for your convenience.

Final Word

Under normal circumstances, cats usually need anywhere between 200 and 300 calories depending on their age and weight. However in special cases like where the pet is sick, he might not have the appetite to consume all these calories. 
This typically means the pet will need all the support and nutrition he or she can get. Try giving him his normal calorie count, if he is not eat certain foods, keep something different like fish, lean meats and oils. 
Your cat will also need a lot of fluids, so offer salmon juice, broths with water and other flavors. Slightly warming the food may also enhance palatability.

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