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 Taking your cat anywhere is usually a traumatic experience and a trip to the veterinarian is especially stressful to most pets.  Stress takes its toll but there is an alternate way to avoid this stress and that is to replace the veterinarian visits with home visits by an acupressure therapist.
Acupressure is ancient healing art that precedes acupuncture and can be more, effective and much less stressful on your pet.  Most acupressure healers will make house calls.  This alleviates the stress of travel. 
The treatment starts when the therapist meets your pet. A good healer will let animals get acquainted before beginning a session. Once the pet is comfortable with the healer, the treatments starts with stroking and petting, a very calming experience. 
This first contact begins balancing the system and opens the meridians for the energy to flow.  Once the points have been put into balance the pet owner will see an immediate improvement in their pets.  They will definitely be much calmer and more relaxed.  The symptoms will disappear and usually not return.  There will not be a need for medication. 
You can find an acupressure healer online at or at your neighborhood health food store.  There are usually business cards or flyers posted on their bulletin boards.  You can also contact a Chinese medical school or herbalist.
Acupressure is a healing art that relaxes your pet allowing the unbalanced energy in the body to balance itself.  Acupressure will help your pet’s body heal itself and should be administered by an individual that understands, at least, basic energy healing.

About the author: Merrill Baum is a certified animal acupressure therapist, a former breeder of Great Danes, a former horse midwife, a pet care specialist in farm and pet services, a volunteer rehabilitator at the Wisconsin Humane Society, wildlife department, an e... more >>

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