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Toy breeds are often bathed every 1-2 months depending on their grooming schedule.
Long haired house dogs need to be brushed at least once weekly to thin out their coat. It is much easier and less messy to bathe a dog that has been combed out with a shedding comb.
Bathing schedules can vary depending on the type of yard and type of dog and how much dust     and dirt is in the environment. My dogs stay really clean and don’t need to be bathed often.
Dogs with oily or greasy skin may benefit from bathing with medicated shampoo every week. Shampoos with coal tar, sulfur, and peroxide are often used to help dogs with problem skin.
Flea baths are pretty ineffective at controlling fleas, but a bath will remove fleas on the dog or cat if heavily infested. Topical flea medication will control numbers and prevent reproduction. Be sure flea medication is safe for cats before applying it!
Dogs allergic to pollens, molds, and grasses may benefit from bathing several times a week to remove allergens from their skin. An oatmeal, antihistamine, salicylic, or cortisone shampoo, or shampoo with conditioners will often help soothe dry, flaky skin. Dogs with “hay fever” chew their feet and often get a rash on their belly. Antihistamines may also help. Check out my 11 Practical Home Remedies of over the counter medications for simple ailments at my website.
Dogs and cats that get coated with oil, toxic chemicals, or the wrong topical flea medication should be bathed in Dawn detergent to remove the toxic oily coating. Dawn is an excellent degreasing shampoo that also works to clean oily ears. Warm water, a turkey baster, and diluted detergent will clean out the gunky wax balls in infected ears. Dogs with chronic ear infections will sometimes clear up completely when fed a diet following the Dog Dish Diet guidelines.
Dogs and cats with the most common skin infections, hives, hotspots, and pustules can be bathed with a peroxide shampoo twice weekly to kill the staph bacteria causing the skin infection. Some dogs or cats need weekly sulfur or ketoconazole shampoo to control infections of the skin from the yeast malessezia, or the fungus, ringworm. Cats are very sensitive to medication and hard to bathe. Make sure any shampoo is safe for cats before you use it!
The easiest way to bathe cats is to hold them by the scruff and gently dunk them in a sink filled with 4-6 inches of warm water. Have everything ready. A double sink with a soapy and rinse water works great!

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