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Pet owners know that having pets can help relieve their stress. Just a simple look from your dog, cat, ferret, bird, hamster, rabbit, horse, or other pet can be enough to make us feel better. But, how can we help them when they are stressed or anxious? There are actually many methods and various products on the market that can help.


What Causes Pets To Be Stressed?

-Travel (car, train, air, boat, etc.)

-Having guests over to the house or going to a stranger’s house (strange to the pet)

-New surroundings such as moving to a new home

-Thunderstorms or other loud storms

-Traveling to and from the groomer’s or vet’s office

-Separation anxiety

The products listed below can be used to calm your pet and also to encourage proper, less aggressive and destructive behavior.
Tips, Methods, Products

There are many ways to help relieve stress and anxiety in pets. There are medications, pheromone releasing products, treats or drops that you can feel your pet that contain essential oils or chemicals to help calm your pet, and non-chemical methods to help your pet.


One of those products is the Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Collar for Dogs. This collar, which lasts for up to 30 days, releases pheromones that calm the dog, reducing stress and separation anxiety, and it also helps correct undesired behavior such as excessive barking, destruction of your property, and aggression.



There are many pills that are available if you pet will take pills easily either whole or added to food. For example, Vet’s Best Travel Calm for Dogs is a chewable pill that, when taken one hour before a stressful event such as traveling in a car, will help prevent car sickness and calm and relax your dog. This product contains many active ingredients such as calcium, potassium, ginger extract, and valerian root. Small dogs (under 25 pounds) take one pill, medium sized dogs take two or three pills, and large dogs (over 75 pounds) take four pills.



Richard’s Organic Pet Calm drops are another option. Simply use the dropper (in the cap) to put the liquid into the dog or cat’s mouth. By administering the drops prior to stressful activity such as traveling, the dog or cat will be calmer more relaxed.



If your dog shows signs or symptoms of separation anxiety or stress such as whining, whimpering, urination, or excessive chewing, you may want to consider a plug-in such as Farnum Comfort Zone with D.A.P. Plug-in. This plug-in slowly releases a calming and relaxing pheromone that will help ease your dog’s separation anxiety and stop or reduce the symptoms. The plug-in is currently a top seller on and has been clinically to work.




Farnum also makes a spray that basically works the same way, except instead of using electricity to release the pheromone, you spray the dog’s bed, crate, bandana, in your car, or on something close to the dog but not directly on the dog 15 to 20 minutes before a stressful activity. By not plugging it in, you can travel with it much easier.



There are also treats that come in many shapes and sizes, gel that your dog can eat, spray that you add to your dog’s water, and a few other edible calming products that work the same way as the products already mentioned.




If you do not want to use aromatherapy or chemicals to calm your pet, or you have tried some of these products without results, try some of these non-chemical calming methods:



-Some pets feel safer in small areas rather than left in a large house alone. Consider crate training or using a crate when you are not at home with your pet.

-Some pets just get bored when they are left alone. Try leaving treats and toys around the house or room for stimulation when you are not able to be home with your pet.

-Leave the radio on. Research has shone that soft, quiet music clams most pets. In order for your pet not to associate any type of music to being left alone, play the music while you are home also. That means make sure you also like the music.

-Spend time with your pet in new surrounding and during stressful times. If you are driving, have a child or partner sit in the back with the pet, petting and speaking to him or her in a soothing tone. If you have moved into a new home, stay with your pet and gradually move from room to room to explore.


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