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October is a busy month. There are lots of contests, Halloween is coming, and it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many cities and towns are “going pink” this month in order to raise public awareness of this type of cancer.

Living in Connecticut, I am especially aware of this cause. My state has the second highest rate of new cases of breast cancer cases each year. While they are trying to figure out why and better ways to combat and treat it, the best thing we can do is spread the word, get people talking about, and raise awareness of it.

Show Support

Besides they popular wearing of the pink ribbons they give out for free at many places, there are other ways to show your support. This year, get your pet involved. For example, a family owned local business in Pender County, NC is dying the tails and ears of pets pink this month. The $10 donations will go to breast cancer research while the noticeably pink pooches will be raising public awareness during walks and outings. The pink dye lasts about a month and is pet safe so it will not harm the dogs in any way.

If dying your pet is not something you want to do, there are tons of doggie t-shirts and accessories available too. There are pink leashes, collars, food bowls, beds, and all sorts of unique and cleaver accessories available online.

Mammary Cancer in Cats and Dogs
On another note, breast cancer can affect dogs and cats as well. Mammary gland tumors are common in cats and dogs. Those that are more susceptible include females who are not spayed or were spayed later in life.

Here are some quick facts:
-Most “at risk” breeds of dogs include poodles, English setters, pointers, cocker spaniels, and Boston terriers.
-Most “at risk” cats include Siamese cats and those over the age of 10.
-25% of un-spayed female dogs will get mammary cancer.
-Symptoms for cats and dogs include the area becoming red and swollen, painful to the touch, and a fever.

Benefits of Having a Pet
Prevention is key for both humans and their pets. Get checked, check yourself (and your pet), live a healthy lifestyle, and spay and neuter your pets. The good news is having a pet can actually make you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Dogs get you out and about, needing to be walked a few times a day. Cats and dogs keep your mind healthy and happy. Studies have been shown that pets make us happy.

Read more about how pets make us healthy here:
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