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Bunnies have become very popular pets for people from apartments to houses.  You will need to have housing for your bunny, whether it's for the majority of the day or for a few hours a day.  Here are some tips on building a bunny house that will keep your pet safe, happy and content.

The first thing to consider is just how long is your bunny going to be inside their dwelling.  If they will be spending the majority of their day in the house, you will want the house to be more than 4 times larger than your bunny.

Some designs offer two-story houses that are connected with ramps.  Bunnies like to roam and having levels to view from is ideal for their curious nature.  If you plan on building a large house, include ramps, space for a litter box and  various accessories and toys for them to play with.

The litter box should always be in the same location, as this will house train your pet for times when they are out and about.  Keeping the door open, will allow your pet to come and go from their house at will, including access to the litter box.

The floors of their houses should not be wire, this is very uncomfortable and can hurt their paws.  The floors should be either plastic or wood as these are very durable materials, excellent on their paws and easy to clean.  

Building a bunny house can be fun and will allow your creativity to flow!  Design your bunny house to work with your home's design.  The sky's the limit on the design - you can add rooms and other great ideas you might imagine.  Search online to find great ideas that might just peak your interest..

If you are not a carpenter and do not have a friend or family member to help,  you can find wonderfully pre-built houses for your bunny. Just be sure and purchase a house that has plenty of room and comfort.

I highly recommend that you do allow your pet out in the evenings and in the early hours of the morning, as this is when they are most active and need a great deal of physical activity.

Bunnies are a lot more intelligent and inquisitive then many people think.  They also enjoy contact with you just like all other pets.  Be sure and give your new friend plenty of love and attention, even if you are building a bunny house to fit a King!

About the author: I live in Houston, TX with my 4 kitties and two dogs. I take care of homeless kitties and try and find them homes. I have rescued a few dogs and found them homes. I love reading and also sell books online. I work as a flight attendant full time. I... more >>

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