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Have you bought clothes based on whether or not it would match your pets hair? Or have you bought certain furniture and accessories that hide how much they shed or that repel it? Your in luck: there are many things you can do to help your four legged friend and not worry so much about whether or not there will be hair all over.

Velcro Hair Curler

You’ve seen these items at your local drugstore or maybe you have a few in your bathroom- they come in a variety of sizes and colors.

The great thing about these is that, in addition to curling your hair, they can remove hair. The Velcro acts like a magnet when in contact with stray animal hair.

Vacuum Cleaner

A Vacuum Cleaner is an obvious pick- it will clean up loose hair lying around. Now that there are new and improved Vacuum cleaners on the market designed specifically for dog and cat hair, cleaning furniture can be a breeze.

Why not get the stray hair from the source? Some dogs like to be brushed with a vacuum brush as well. My cat also loves the vacuum- so give it a try on your cat as well.


Tape is an excellent tool for those hard to get places, in addition to being very effective.  Masking tape and blue painters tape is especially effective.

Tape Rollers

I admit, I have gone through many of these rolls because I use them so much. Not only are they effective on clothes, they can also be used on places the vacuum won’t go.

Rubberized Pet Hair Removers

These genrally don’t work- don’t get one unless you are particularly fond of the design or the décor.

Shed Ender Deshedding Brush

Why not start at the source of the problem and invest in a high quality brush? The Shed Ender De-shedding Brush looks like a fancy dog/ cat hair slicker brush. What it does is attracts the hair trapped in your pets undercoat and brushes them out.

The advertisements claim this brush reveals a healthier, shinier coat and is used by professional groomers. While I have never tried it, it only goes for $9.50 plus shipping and handling, so it isn‘t an expensive investment.

To check out this product, click here.

Hound Mitt

This is a glove that you can start the grooming process with. It is basically a glove that has little nubs on it.

Since showering your dog (or cat) regularly can help reduce shedding and dander, this is a product that you can use while your pet is still wet. Just make sure they have a lot of conditioner on their hair so you can ‘brush’ them with this mitt easier.

Horse's Shedding Blade

I have heard this is an effective tool for some people and their dogs. While it may look like a torture device, some dogs will think it feels like a back scratcher. Check the directions closely first, though, to make sure your doing it right. You can pick this product up where horse supplies are sold.


About the author: I like many different kinds of things- traveling, eating new kinds of food, running, and I love writing as well! I work as a counselor currently, helping people with many kinds of issues. Previously, I had worked as a teacher and professor. more >>

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