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If you just got your first cat or you are considering purchasing/adopting your first one, there are probably a few things you will need to know about grooming your cat that you might encounter your first few weeks and months of cat ownership. While cats are pretty good about cleaning themselves, here are a few tips to help with grooming your cat:


There are brushes you can buy at the store that look like dog slicking brushes made specifically for cats. This kind of brush specifically gets the hair that has been shed but stuck under the many layers of other hair and it also helps maintain a ‘brushed’ look. While some people may use this kind of brush daily and others less frequently, it is important to keep up on brushing your cat, especially if your cat has long hair to prevent tangling, knots, and reduces hairballs.

Knots/ Tangles

Imagine that you are brushing your cat or petting them and you come across a mat of hair that can neither be combed or brushed out. While it might be tempting to try to continue on trying to brush it out, it will only lead to you and your cat getting more and more frustrated. Instead, try to cut it out with a pair of scissors (if it is a tangle more towards the tips of the hair and not towards the base, it is a little easier). If you have many tangles that are very near the hair follicle (the skin area), it is time to take your cat to the groomer to have them help you out with this one.


Most of the time, bathing your cat isn’t necessary but it may be helpful in certain circumstances. For example, bathing your cat if they are frequently outdoors or they have really long hair, it may be helpful to bathe them once and a while. Another helpful time to bathe your cat: when they have fleas, ticks, or you’ve just adopted them. Bathing your cat may also be necessary if your cat becomes older and they have a difficult time grooming themselves.

Shaving vs. Long Hair

Long hair during the winter time helps keep your cat warm during the short, cold winter days. However, during the summer time when it gets very hot outside, your cat will be thankful if you have them go to the groomer to get their hair trimmed or shaved (like one of the pictures above). If your cat is an indoor cat and you always have the heat on, you may want to consider having their hair trimmed even during the winter time to help prevent shedding.

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