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Imagine that you are a big, furry, fat house cat Tiger. The whole day you sleep in a warm basket, or even in your master’s a bed, periodically interrupting for a meals that consists of your favorite cat food and milk. Your  litter box is always clean, your family loves you and you are happy! You know why? Exactly! Because your master knows how to take care of you! And now tell me another thing – would you like, if you were a cat, of course, to have a master like you? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter.JJust read five advices below on how to care for your pet properly, and you will know exactly your mistakes, if they were, or where were you right, if you were!
1. Few words about feeding… Doesn’t matter what kind of cat food have you chosen, the main thing – do not feed your pet with the same food you are eating, because not all we like is good for cats! If you want to dilute your cat’s menu – feed it with boiled meat or fish without salt or any other spices, cats don’ like it. Milk is also useful for your nurseling, as well as eggs and cereals. The main thing – don’t forget to feed your pet!:-)
2. Give the food to your cat 2-3 times a day, if it’s adult, or 4-5 times if it’s kitten. You should not pour too much food, because your animal can eat too much and it's not good for pet’s stomach! Remember, cats are not camels, and they can not store food in the humps, or elsewhere. By the way, if you constantly feed your cat in a strictly certain hours, it won’t be begging you about food always, when you go to the kitchen.
3. Like all living beings, cats are also have reproductive system, and sometimes, when nature is reminding them about it, they may cause us discomfort. But you should make a decision at once – sterilize or not. The masters often refuse to do this operation because they believe that it’ll harm their pet’s health, but you should know, that there is nothing terrible and painful for the cat in it. But if you have decided to keep your pet’s pride, you better find a couple for it and organize regularly meetings for them. But in any case, do not let an animal to suffer of loneliness when it need a couple, because it affects not only it’s physical health but also mental.
4. Today it’s a new trend to cut your cat’s nails if it’s too aggressive or to prevent damaging of furniture and wallpapers. But the procedure that we might do several times a week without any discomfort, is very painful for cats and the healing process can take a long time, so think twice, before a manicure your cat.
5. Despite the stereotype that dog is man's best friend, and cat is his lord, I can say that you can be cat’s friend too, even more. You should not force your love and affection, just be kind and caring, and you can be sure that your pet will appreciate it and also give it’s love to you!

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