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Bringing a pet home is a moment of great pleasure, and you can look forward to years of companionship. However, as a pet parent, you should make sure that your puppy has all the necessary supplies. Here is a brief guide to buying basic dog supplies that can get you started.
Your puppy is going to eat from the day you bring it home. Make sure that you have separate bowls for food and water. The bowl that you choose should be easy for your puppy to eat or drink water from. Also, the puppy would like to play with its bowl occasionally, so ensure that it is not something that is breakable. You get a wide variety of dog bowls that look attractive, are easy to clean and wash and also long-lasting. 
Your puppy will soon want to go out on walks and parks to play. As they grow their demands for an outing increase. A dog collar is very important to keep your puppy safe. A collar also tells others that the dog belongs to someone and is not a stray one. Dog collar should also be comfortable and not hold on to the neck very hard. A comfortable collar will keep your puppy from scratching itself. Dog collars are available in various sizes and attractive designs. Check out the wide array of materials and designs of collars to make a doggy style statement. 
You have to keep a leash to be able to take your pet out on walks. Even a well-trained pet will need a leash while walking on busy roads and in parks. Buy the leash when you buy its collar, so that you can synchronize the design and color and make it look attractive. There are different kinds of leashes, such as: retractable ones and long ones or flexible ones. 
A dog harness is very useful for large dogs or those who pull at you with excitement. They keep your dog on a leash without hurting them. In public places, dogs get excited when they see something that interests them and tend to break loose from their masters. A harness will ensure that they are safe and also easier to handle. 
Just like kids, dogs love to play with toys and they even tend to have their favorite ones. Buy a nice little soft toy for your dog so that it can kill its boredom by playing with its favorite toy. 
Tags display the dogs name along with the owner’s (or parent’s) contact information. Such tags can re-unite you with your pet if you get separated or your dog runs away. It will make it easier for the person rescuing your pet to trace you and bring back your pet to your home.
Dog bones are good toys for teething dogs. The bone can keep your pet busy for several hours. A raw hide dog bone or a fluffy bone toy can prevent your dog from biting other things like furniture and slippers in the house. 
A jersey is a useful piece of pet clothing. You can still take your dog for walks and to parks during rains or when it is cold. The jersey keeps your pet warm and comfortable while making a style statement.
Grooming equipment
Nail clippers and brushes are a must if you have a pet. A dog needs grooming on a regular basis and for this, you need to have the right accessories handy.
There are several other pet accessories that you could buy, such as beds, chewy toys, brushes and many more. They come in attractive designs and colors. 
If you are a sports aficionado, you will be glad to know that you can groom your pet in the colors of your favorite team. For instance, sports merchandisers such as have an enchanting array of pet accessories sporting LSU-Tigers logo. 

About the author: Clara Grundy Dallas, Texas Native. Went to LSU in 2001-2003. Graduated from University of New Orleans in Marketing, 2005. Has worked in the wholesale fashion industry since graduation.For more information follow Clara on Twitter @ClaraGrundy... more >>

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